How to Tell You Are a Tech Addict?

Technology has been a blessing, especially to the 21st-century man no doubt. We can hardly live our lives stress-free without involving technology, and this sad truth has made technology extremely difficult to escape because invariably, work, school, and even play can involve the use of computer.

This has made the use of technology to increase every year. Technology addiction is not very easy to spot, especially when we have to be plugged in most of the time, whether for work, school or any other reason if a tech addict is hard to spot, its even harder to admit.

In fact, denying how much time is spent on devices, social media and the WEB is a common warning sign. This is why it is essential to understand the basics of this disorder. Signs you are addicted to technology:

1. Wasted hours

Continuing to an increase in the time spent on computer and internet activities is the first warning sign you are addicted to technology. There’s every excuse to use the computer as it makes life more comfortable, but sometimes you are not doing work, school or even playing, relaxing now involves using gadgets. So long you increase the time you spend on your devices increases daily, you are one step to becoming a tech addict.

2. Cravings

That moment when you feel painfully isolated, anxiety, distress when separated from technology, you may suffer from withdrawal. The constant bright light from the computer wires the brain to demand a certain level of stimulation. What happens when the light goes out? Do you panic? Do you attempt to login on Facebook to update status? Cravings are a definite sign that you are abusing technology.

3. Multitasking

Using multiple forms of media at the same time as- watching a movie, playing games while browsing at the same time, it’s only an addict that will do it. Sometimes, multitasking is linked to depression, so as a way to distract yourself, you dive into being a tech addict.

4. Ringxiety

This happens unconsciously. You feel your phone is ringing or even vibrating in your pocket. Although, this occurs when you are expecting an urgent call or text. This makes you frequently checking your phone, compulsive phone or social media checkups as well as never leaving your device far from arm’s reach.

5. Relapse

Continuing a destructive behaviour despite extreme external or internal consequences such as losing your job or constantly feeling depressed or detached. This is the highest form of tech addition. The repercussions if your addiction doesn’t stop you from being addicted to it.

Other signs of technology addict include:

  • Neglecting friends and family.
  • Skimping on sleep.
  • Withdrawing from other activities that were once pleasurable.
  • A sense of euphoria while plugged in.
  • Dishonesty about usage.
  • Using the internet as a way of escaping from problems.
  • Ignoring what’s happening in real time in favour of what’s happening in the virtual world.
  • Feel preoccupied with the internet, that is, thinking about previous online activities or anticipating the next one.

If you portray 5 of this sign, you are a tech addict.