Huawei Has A New OS Up Its Sleeves

Huawei is proving that what doesn’t kill you give you options and opportunities as the Chinese tech company has lined up some key plans as it battles the United States government.


Huawei has been caught up in a battle between the United States and China and had been banned from the United States over security reasons.

The United States has even tried to convince allies to abandon Huawei, and the company has developed its own proprietary operating systems should the US ban the export of US made products like Android and Windows.

Huawei has sued the United States government over a ban that prevents its tech from being used in “federal networks, which in turn effectively also preventing major government contractors from using Huawei equipment.”

“We have prepared our own operating system, if it turns out we can no longer use these systems, we will be ready and have our plan B,” Huawei executive Richard Yu shared in a recent interview with Die Welt.

Though Yu has stated that it will be better if Huawei can continue working with Google and Microsoft. He also stated that though foldable devices are expensive, they will soon become affordable.

“The components, especially the display and the hinge, are very expensive. At the beginning, the smartphone is mainly sold as a premium product. But later it will also push into the middle price segment. Over time, we will be able to push it below 1000 euros. For that we need one to two years. Later maybe in the range of 500 euros. That will take longer. Of course it also depends on how well the device is accepted. We can accelerate mass production at any time.”

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