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Home News IBM Wants Drones to Deliver Your Coffee at Just the Right Time

IBM Wants Drones to Deliver Your Coffee at Just the Right Time

Some establishments have already started using drones for coffee delivery. Thanks to IBM, that process could soon be pushed to a fun, more personal level.

According to the newly approved patent that was first uncovered by The Spoon, IBM technology would now allow a drone to understand a person’s state of mind and use the information to decide whether it is time to deliver more coffee.

But to accomplish this, the drone’s onboard sensors would have to detect, for example, when someone is nodding off and might require a caffeine jolt. A person’s facial expressions and pupil dilation could also trigger the delivery of another cup of coffee.

On a simpler level, the technology could also be programmed to respond to hand gestures indicating the desire for a new drink.

Developers have continued to think of new ways to utilise drones. Back in June, for example, we told you about a company that is using artificial technology and cameras to protect users from the element using umbrella-carrying drones. In other instance, drones are now being designed to snap photographs by looking at the looking owner’s wrist for signals. There is also the so-called Dragon drone.

Although, not all drone development is about making our lives easier and better. Two years ago, it was reported that ISIS was equipping drones with bombs and grenades to attack enemies.

With regards to the coffee-carrying drones, this sounds like an exciting idea. But still, the drones would have to be quiet during operation, especially in an office environment. Otherwise, along with your beans being squeezed, you might also get a headache.

Let us know your thoughts below if you would like to see a drone deliver your next cup of coffee.

Gideon Akeni
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  1. Hello Akeni.
    Now A Days Drone Becomes A Ultimate Way Which Helps You To save your time Very Easily.now Indian government is also planning about Drones.


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