Indian Startup Creo Launches First Smartphone Dubbed the Mark 1

CREO, a startup company situated in Bangalore, India, has launched its first smartphone called the CREO Mark 1. The company’s Mark 1 device is also the flagship device of the startup, and so has quite some perks submerged in it to make it rival some of the big names in the mobile world.

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According to CREO, the device being a flagship device has a number of useful hardware, but the expected selling point of the device is the software, which the startup company says is ‘breath-taking’.

On the software part, CREO says the Mark 1 device comes with a modified OS, which is based on Android OS called FUEL OS. Fuel OS comes with such features such as Sense; a universal search engine that can find anything on the phone and can be initiated by a simple ‘double tap’ on the home button. There’s also Echo; which is a voicemail service of some kind which can work with any carrier.

Retriever; which sends an email to you if another SIM is inserted in your device. Smart forwarding; which kind of helps to forward calls from one SIM to another one if it is unreachable. Notification manager, and segregated SMS inbox for messages from people and businesses, with quick reply and copy OTP functions.

Aside that, CREO is also outing an initiate it calls ‘A New Phone Every Month’, where the company will push out updates to the Mark 1 phone every month, making the device acquire new functions it previously didn’t have on board. The updates to be seeded to the device would be based on community feedback and what the users want, and you will be informed of all the changes before you install the update. Backup would be important before each update as you may guess.

On the hardware, the Mark 1 sits on a 5.5″ QHD display, well protected with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 in front, and the back is protected by a metal frame in Gunmetal Black. The device is powered by a MediaTek Helio X10 chipset, alongside 3GB RAM and a 3100mAh battery to give it life. The Mark 1 may not be the best camera phone on the block, but the device packs an impressive 21 megapixel Sony IMX230 sensor on the rear, complete with PDAF, 4K video and 120fps slow-motion capture. The front is adorned with an 8 megapixel shooter with features such as 3D Photos, Live Photo mode, and Beautify all prepped well for selfies.

The company has set up a countrywide service network of 106 centers in 96 cities (set to increase to 300 centers in 150 cities in the coming months) and pick up and drop service in 15 cities. You can also chat with the customer service by typing “CREO Support” in the aforementioned Sense.

Can’t wait to own a piece of the CREO Mark 1? Good news is the device will be available on the company’s website (see source link below) and Flipkart for INR 19,999 (roughly $300).


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