Instagram Introduces AI Feature to Take on Bullying in Pictures

Instagram must be enjoying the benefits of being owned by Facebook (and of course generating lots of revenue) as the Mark Zuckerberg owned company always extend AI features to the image sharing app.

Facebook who invests tons in new AI technologies has extended the AI to Instagram to fight bullying on the platform.

Instagram can now use machine learning to scan photos posted on the app to detect bullying and forward the post to Instagram’s community moderators for review.

Announcing the feature, new leader Adam Mosseri writes “There is no place for bullying on Instagram. If people see that kind of hurtful behavior on our platform, they can report it, and we remove any content that violates our guidelines.”

“But online bullying is complex, and we know we have more work to do to further limit bullying and spread kindness on Instagram. That’s why today we’re announcing our latest tools to help combat bullying, including a new way to identify and report bullying in photos.”

“While the majority of photos shared on Instagram are positive and bring people joy, occasionally a photo is shared that is unkind or unwelcome. We are now using machine learning technology to proactively detect bullying in photos and their captions and send them to our Community Operations team to review.”

“This change will help us identify and remove significantly more bullying — and it’s a crucial next step since many people who experience or observe bullying don’t report it. It will also help us protect our youngest community members since teens experience higher rates of bullying online than others. This new technology has begun to roll out and will continue to in the coming weeks.” He added

Instagram had in May unveiled tools to filter bullying comments stating that “Instagram will filter bullying comments intended to harass or upset people in the Instagram community. To be clear: we don’t tolerate bullying on Instagram. Our Community Guidelines have always prohibited bullying on our platform”

An Instagram spokesperson is quoted by Techcrunch saying, “Although this update only focuses on photos, we will be working to add protections for video, including IGTV, very soon”

Filter Extended To Live Videos

Aside from applying filters in photos, Instagram also extended filters to comments on live videos.

“A few months ago, we introduced a bullying comment filter to proactively detect and hide bullying comments from Feed, Explore and Profile. We’re now adding this filter to comments on live videos to ensure that Live remains a safe and fun place to authentically connect with your friends and interests. This is now globally available for all live videos.” Mosseri added.

Users will now see “Hide Offensive Comments” settings defaulted on in their settings and they can manually list out words they want to filter out of their comments.

Kindness Camera Effects

While fighting evil, it is also good to spread kindness. Instagram also unveiled a new feature to inspire and spread kindness on the platform.

“While stopping bullies is important, we must also do more to celebrate and inspire kindness on Instagram. Together with New York Times best-selling teen author, dancer and actor, Maddie Ziegler, we’re launching a kindness camera effect to spread positivity.” Mosseri said

“Maddie has been speaking out against online bullying since she started experiencing it and is one of many people in our community that uses Instagram to promote positivity.” He added

Those who follow Maddie will have the camera effect automatically while those who don’t will have to wait till they see someone use the effect and then tap “try it” to add it to their camera.

The new feature fills the screen with hearts in selfie mode and allows tagging of other users to spread the kindness