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Instagram Stories Now Available for Web Users

If you haven’t heard of or seen an Instagram Story, you’re probably in your seventies or don’t have a smartphone. Instagram launched Instagram Stories about a year ago for its mobile apps on Android and iOS, and the feature became an instant hit, rising up to compete with the youth-favourite Snapchat with over 250 million users actively making use of the feature to tell stories of their daily lives.


The photo and video sharing platform has seen a meteoric rise since it was acquired by Facebook, and the addition of Instagram Stories has further boosted its popularity among young men and women, and even people of older ages. According to the company’s statistics report, people under 25 years of age use Instagram for more than 32 minutes per day while people aged 25 years and older use the platform for more than 24 minutes per day.

Instagram Stories had a limitation, however; it could only be used on Instagram’s mobile Android and iOS applications. That is, you could only post and view Instagram Stories when using the platform’s apps on a smartphone. One more limitation for those using Instagram on the web.

That is about to change, however, as the company has started rolling out changes to its web platform to allow users to view and post Instagram Stories straight from the web. The company announced this today on its blog, saying “you can now watch stories on instagram.com“.


Instagram Stories on the web

You can only view Instagram Stories from the web platform for now, but the company says that users will be able to post stories from mobile web in the coming months. The feature isn’t available to all users yet as the company has just started rolling out, but there  is an assurance that it will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

Once you get the feature, the Stories pane will appear at the top of your Instagram feed. It looks and works just like it does in the mobile app; you can tap a story to watch it, skip a story by tapping the right arrow and go back to a story by tapping the left arrow.



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