Kids Are Now Thwarting Apple’s Screen Time Feature

When Apple introduced the screentime feature on iOS12, many parents thought the had found a way to limit the time their kids spend on their Apple devices but what they didn’t anticipate was kids bypassing the feature.

The screen time feature allows parents to set a time limit for apps, limit apps to a certain period of the day or shut the device down. This new improvement was welcomed anyways, but the kids have their own agenda whenever they are faced with a new obstacle.

A father noted in this Reddit thread that his kid can bypass the feature easily by a simple act of uninstalling and reinstalling an app.

“When he runs out of screen time and his games get locked, he heads to App Store, downloads a previously installed (but later removed) game through the cloud icon, and it works without limitations! ” he noted

Another child uses Youtube iMessage app to find himself videos if he is locked out of YouTube.

A mom on Apple’s support forum complained about her child resetting the phone’s time to trick the phone into believing it is a new day. While there is no fix for that one, one mom gave the ultimate fix to all the troubles

“I work in the cyber security industry, and I can tell you over the years, I’ve seen kids – including my own – do things that first-world government teams and crack white hat groups could not have done any better. Give up now.

There is no app, no operating system, no proxy, scanner or firewall, and no setting that will ever defeat a determined kid. Plus, they work in groups, and are able to coordinate even better than their adult counterparts to find and disseminate new hacks. It’s an arms race that cannot be won with technology. You find a setting, they find a workaround. Apple updates, they find a new weakness.

Take their phones. Put them in a box. Sit on the box and guard it. Maybe buy a Faraday bag or something. Watch them cry and talk about how they’ll be social outcasts and their friends will mock them, or moan about how they need it for school to check the Facebook page their teacher posts assignments to. Turn a deaf ear. Know that you are helping them just like our parents were when they made us eat vegetables (which you know, are actually pretty darned good – thanks, Mom).”