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LastPass Password Manager – Introduction

In today’s world, managing our passwords is one of the most annoying, yet important tasks that we struggle with. With so many banks and social media accounts to handle, remembering and managing your passwords is nothing less than horrifying.

However, Android users can now bid this problem farewell with the LastPass Password Manager which has emerged as one of the best password managing apps.

What is this app all about?

This app has a simple user-interface, can be installed in a number of devices from computers to android smartphones, and is supported by most of the popular browsers and operating systems. It’s not just the passwords, but other ID card details that can be safely stored in this app that gives the users an option to use the two-factor authentication for enhanced security.

The features that you get:

This is definitely going to become one of your most favourite apps. Along with easy installation, you get the choice of syncing it on all your devices. Earlier, the free version only allowed you to sync with devices that fit in the same category – only computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets. You can store as many passwords as you like and offers strong password sharing options.

Moreover, there is also a family package offer available where the features can be used by up to 6 members of the family. To run it on your Android device, the app needs a minimum requirement of Android 2.2 Froyo and there are also plugins available for Firefox mobile and Dolphin Browsers.

The functions that this app has to offer:

It is really convenient that this app allows you to sync your passwords between different devices. When you make changes in your mobile app, these changes will be reflected on your laptop when you log in, and vice versa. If you want to take screen shots of your passwords, which the android app does not allow for security reasons, you can enable it.

Just click on “+” symbol on the Vault page and you will be able to add a form fill profile, a new website or a protected note. You can have a look at all your passwords, whenever you want, and clicking on each account will show you the different options to help manage those accounts. You can carry out simple actions like swiping to the left or right to see or copy the passwords.


All your passwords and other important data are secured with AES-256 encryption which is literally impossible to break into. Whether you take the free or premium subscription, you will be offered two factor authentication and you finger-print verification is one of them.

Bottom Line:

You will take some time to get used to this app with all its features and options. There will rarely be something related to your password protection that this app might not be able to do.

We are mesmerized by the free features and the numerous installation options in the LastPass Password Manager. It allows you to store as many passwords as you like and synchronizes easily with most of the devices and operating systems.

Moreover, it is very reasonably priced, especially if you go for the annual subscription. However, the best part is that even the free version has most of the features that will prove to be very helpful to you!

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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