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Leverage the Current Power of SMS Marketing Through Simplistic Steps

It is not hard to state that not all SMS marketing campaigns are equally created. There are some companies, which have completely integrated SMS marketing into business strategy.

Then you have others, for whom it is just a side project. As per some of the surveys by ScanLife, around 89% of customers will use mobile phones for their shopping values. Then you have 64% of Americans, who own smartphone as per the data few years back.

As of now, that number has definitely increased quite a bit. Given this current calculations and statistics, which firm do you think will have more successful form of marketing campaign?

If you are all set to add SMS marketing in the list, there are some tips and suggestions that you genuinely might have to follow. It will definitely work well in maximizing success story to a great extent.

Have to create successful SMS marketing team

Always remember that larger SMS marketing campaigns are not DIY. You have to get along with various skilled professionals to get most out of marketing strategy.

One or maybe few people will fill the major roles, but for that you will need help from retail expert, SMS marketing program expert, coordinators for on-location signage, social media experts, digital creative designers, promotion specialist, discount budget analyst and ROI, to name a few.

You have to coordinate these areas well. Since current timeline for SMS is becoming more immediate with every passing day, it is mandatory for the marketing team to work closely and further communicate frequently about strategies, plans and execution.

If your team is more complete, then you will catch up with greater benefits from these effective forms of marketing strategies.

Have to know your customer well

It is always vital for you to use CRM or the Customer Relationship Management app, designed to measure success story of your current messages over here.

You are cordially invited to log online, click on the ultimate guide, and then learn more such information associated with best CRMs available in this sector right now.

  • You can hit if off right now by just analyzing purchase history. You further have to work on the location base demographics to learn more about this sector. It will help you to send proper messages to right customers only.
  • For example, if you are associated with cosmetics line, you don’t send any anti-wrinkle cream based couple to a 20 year old, for your store in Texas when she actually lives in Boston! This is wrong marketing and it shows your lack of knowledge about the customer.
  • It is your duty to segment clients based on the targeted promotions. You have to send bulk messages for generalized sales and promotions, which anyone can take advantage of, and anywhere.

Create some clear messages now

Well, here the thing is to get right to the point. You have to write around 160 characters, within which, you need to express yourself. If you an, do it in less characters.

Ensure that the message is always concise and clear and further written in just plain English. Avoid using any kind of emojis, abbreviations and in all caps.

Do not try to use any open ended message. Example of open ended message is that one which invites clients to sale, but won’t inform when the sale ends. The client will have no clue, on whether the sale is for a day or for a month.

By specifying specified date when the sale will end, or just putting up expiration date on coupon, clients will be able to act more as you have provided them with enough incentive and information.

Using some of the CTA buttons

CTA helps in increasing customer engagement with SMS marketing texts. That’s exactly what you are likely to get from them, and it is to be engaged, value the text you are planning to send, read them and interact proficiently before acting on them.

Want to know more about some of the Call To Actions winners? Let’s find out more.

  • Show this text: Here, you are asking customers to show text for earning a discount and that is made clear and effective, in the way you are actually engaging in promotion.
  • Click Here: At some point of time, you actually don’t have enough space in SMS message for adding all information your customers might need. You might be hosting an event or want to add link to video or map about event or link to website to gain some more details. During such instances, a button called “click here” will be the perfect winner.
  • Text to win: There are multiple customers, who might be interested to have shot at winning a gift or prize from company. Asking them to text in to register their names in the lottery will help in increasing customer engagement. If you fail to host an event or not offering sale, Text to Win campaigns are effective ways to just remind customers of existence and continue increasing sales and traffic.
  • Text to vote: It is a great way to engage customers in mobile polling for finding out how the firm is doing in terms of product quality, services, prices and more.

Your timing needs to be perfect

SMS is always about immediacy. It will take people an average time of around 3 minutes to open messages. Even clients’ responses to promotions, sales and events promoted on SMS can be proven to be effective when they are running on last minute impulses.

Avoid sending messages too early or too late at night time. The acceptable hours are within 8 am to 9pm.

Be sure to follow these norms if you actually want to leverage power of SMS marketing for your business boost up.

The more you study the better information you will come to know in this regard. Just choose the one you like the most among the following points or follow all.

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