LG Joins List Of Those Trying To Make Foldable Smartphones

Foldable smartphones have been in the news for some time now, and from the looks of things, it may soon be a thing. Samsung has been rumored to be building a foldable screen as well as Huawei and Motorola who are also racing to produce a flexible and foldable display.

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This is a worthy distraction in the device world given that dedicated gaming devices have been folding the market as manufacturers try to outdo each other, now reports suggest that LG has filed a patent to develop foldable iPhones.

The phone is designed to have two mics, dual loudspeakers, and also dual antennas. Also, one of the cameras will be placed on the outside of the closed display to enable users to take photos while it’s closed. The display would turn on when opened and off when its shut.

lg foldable smartphone 2

LG has chosen to use a hinge mechanism with a varying length that slidingly moves. The outer part of the phone becomes longer as the device is folded, this is done to prevent any damage that can occur during the folding process.

Once folded, there are two magnets to ensure that the smartphone can´t just pop open.

lg foldable phone

LG is also working on a foldable LG smartphone with a double display, a dual battery, and even a double headphone connection. The Korean manufacturer has also received a patent earlier this year for a foldable smartphone with three displays. We don’t know which of these designs LG will bring first.

Wow, we just can’t wait for who brings in the first set of foldable smartphones as Xiaomi and Oppo are also interested in this new trend.

The Oppo foldable smartphone has three designs, and one of the phone’s designs shows it can be folded to give three screen displays and is also one of the best patents out there.

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There is also a design that uses airbags to make frequent bending and opening possible to save the foldable screens from damages due to frequent usage. The third design is for a foldable smartphone with rotating mechanisms to preserve the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy X has also been reported to have a flexible, foldable screen. In other reports, Samsung has patented a multi-display full-screen phone with three screens which can function independently of each other and like foldable too.

2019 is going to be awesome. The patent designs for Samsung multi-display phone can be found here. The Patent designs for LG can be found here.

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