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8 Magento Store Development Tools for Your Online Store

Magento store owners need to have the best tools for the success of their online store. Magento store development tools help in automating some very common operations which include developing a module or for controlling.

These highly functional tools perform a number of functions, including their  help in clearing cache easily, in re-indexing data and also help in working on repetitive tasks. Thus, it is important for Magento store owners to have the best development tools for easy development and maintenance of their store.

These tools are available for a price, though some are free. These are easy to install, configure and convenient to use.

Best Magento Store Development Tools

1. PHPUnit

This tool is popular for its number of useful features and its great flexibility. With this great flexibility feature, it helps in making integration and unit tests easier.

This tool is available with configuration tests and database fixtures, which helps Magento owners developing tasks a bit simpler. Download PHPUnit

2. MageTool

One of the widely used and popular Magento development tools is MageTool. This tool helps in automating a number of operations that include controller operations. If there are several repetitive tasks, MageTool helps to make the work easier.

This tool also helps in cache clearing and re-indexing data in a few steps. Magento owners can use this tool and enjoy its many benefits in the development process. Download Magetool

3. Magento Debug

This is a useful debugging tool which is based on Django framework. This tool is also available with a number of features which helps developers in debugging many problems. However, Magento debug tool looks quite different from other tools. Download Magento Debug

4. AvS Scope Hint

This is a fun tool, which warns the user, if anything is getting overwritten. It helps in avoiding deletion of content or code and warns the user of probable over-writing taking place. This tool helps in saving a lot of time, reduces frustration of deleting important information. Download AvS Scope Hint

5. CommerceBug

A popular and useful integrated developer tool, CommerceBug is available with plenty of features. Its useful features include complete merged layout XML which is available with different handles, it offers great ability to put in information for all requests that are made.

Professionals like designers or Magento developers find this tool extremely useful as they work to configure Magento Ecommerce system. Download Commerce Bug

6. n98 magerun

This is a command line interface tool which is quite important for your developer tool chest. This helps in streamlining several tasks, which otherwise take plenty of time for completion.

In other words n98 magerun, helps in all processes which are time consuming. Download n98 Magerun

7. Mgt Commerce Tool

Mgt is a highly functional Magento developer toolbar which is available with number of features. Some popular features include caching, requests, block nesting, profiling, database queries and events/observer overview among many other features.

This professional tool helps front end professionals or developers to discover any bottlenecks and performance related problems. Download Mgt Commerce Tool

8. Easy Template Path Hints

This is a frequently used magento developer tool which helps to block hints by some additional parameter to the controller.

Anyone who uses this tool, does not have to go to the back-end and allow the specific option. This is said to be a Joomla way, in which template path hints is turned on.

This tool is available with plenty of features and includes an upgrade proof module for the convenience of users. This tool is very simple to install and also configure. Download Easy Template Path Hints


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