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Methodologies to Determine if Development Can Stimulate Your Business

In today’s digital world, the only and most effective way to attract customers is through a mobile application. Development, implementation and usage of mobile app is not only confined to a particular industry sector.

However, it surpasses the hindrance faced in conventional marketing to attract targeted customers in mass number. Daily the mobile app store is getting puffed up with new applications, but the thing that matter is whether it would be highly successful or not.

Mobile application developers and business entrepreneurs have constantly endeavoured to launch an app that caters the requirements of customers through a user-friendly experience.

The app download figure is the first KPI that the company would examine but here we represent a set of 7 KPI that every organization needs to adhere while examining the success of their mobile application.

User Experience

User experience is the primary factor which is responsible for determining the performance of a mobile application. A successful app is the one which provides extremely convenient usage experience.

This can ensure their loyalty which is adamantly connected with the app’s user experience. Bugs in the app are something that highly distracts the users. Analysing the rating and reviews of an app is the only approach which aids to efficiently cater the needs of the customers.

End Users

The number of regular and irregular users of the app can only be known once the app is downloaded in their phone. This figure gives a clear cut idea about the success of an app. Users would continue to use your app only if they find it fulfilling their requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to keep an eye on the buying pattern of the users.

Evaluate the length of a session

During the development procedure, mobile developers should strongly focus on session time by calculating the length of one session as it serves as a major performance indicator.

As a result, the thing that is to be considered is a correlation with the visits depth and the number of regular end users in a given period of time. This thing determines the success of your mobile application, especially when it is a gaming app.

Figure out the number of social shares

The number of in-app purchases should not be the only factor to determine the key performance of your app. As a result, it is imperative to calculate and analyse the social shares. It is found that many end-users connect their mobile app with their social media website.

This statistics reveals your interest in the delivered content and it is the most crucial sign to promote your business through the use of word of mouth.

Average revenue per end user

The thing that most business entrepreneurs and analyst usually neglect is calculating the extreme potential of an end-user.

Calculating the revenue per end user is as important as calculating the number of downloads as it enables you to determine the net value of an end user to your business in terms of app purchases and sending a mobile application across other varied digital platforms.

Frequency analysis

To conduct the frequency analysis, you are supposed to calculate the number of times the user visits your mobile application and interact. It’s not a big thing to make your users open your mobile application once, but what counts is the frequency of usage. So what’s imperative part is analysing the app and that too in the first few weeks after having installed the mobile application.

Acquisition Cost

It is imperative to apprehend the customer acquisition cost to understand the existing end user using the mobile application.

The viable options include in-app referrals, search engine advertising, social media and natural search engines available at varied cost. This performance indicator reveals the most effective platform for your business to reach to your target audience.

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Rahim Makhani is the CEO of Auxano Global Services Pvt. Ltd – a web and mobile application development company. He loves writing blogs on business strategies and mobile economics and strongly believes in leading his team members to take the leap of faith.

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