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Home CMS Migration Plugins: What Does It Take to Gain Web Host Trust?

Migration Plugins: What Does It Take to Gain Web Host Trust?

WordPress migration is inherently a tricky process. Tools built to make the process easier simply eliminate a couple of manual steps, instead of approaching the problem from a different angle. To truly make the process intuitive and user-friendly requires a higher level of progressive design in the plugins themselves.

The point of contention here is that current migration solutions are not suitable for the vast majority of web hosts. The reasons vary from Complexity to Ease of Use.

  • Tools available are unsophisticated to handle complex migration process.
  • Migration issues keep popping up in the case of manual migrations. This means the constant monitoring.
  • Most migration plugins still need manual work to successfully complete the migration process.
  • Edge-cases such as multi site networks, WooCommerce sites, and sites with custom files and tables are even more complicated.

What is the Ideal WordPress Migration Plugin for web hosts?

For a web host to consider a migration plugin trustworthy, a migration plugin has to be able to tick off these particular features in the requirements:

  1. Automatic and Intelligent
  2. High Speed
  3. Large Site Size
  4. Easy to Use
  5. No URL rewriting
  6. Zero Downtime
  7. Special cases
  8. Agile Customer Support
  9. Higher performance and credibility

Automatic and Intelligent

Migrations should need Zero monitoring, and No troubleshooting at all. The ideal plugin is automatic and migration occurs with just one click since it is an intelligent process. Even the setup and installation of the plugin does not require manual sign-up.

High Speed

Most migration plugins take 2 hours or more to backup and migrate a WordPress site that should take just minutes. Web hosts have used other plugins, or FTP method for site migration; but it inevitably takes too long, or overloads the server.

Large sized Migrations

Off site storage in the form of cloud services handling data storage means sites of more than 500MB can be copied and migrated between web hosts quickly.  

Easy to Use

Errors might trouble you in other common plugins. Uncomplicated verification of Backup, real time backup, and remote storage helps maximise the user experience. It is easier to perform and achieve your end goal – a crash proof one-click migration of your website.

No URL rewriting

URLs in all pages and posts are automatically rewritten by BlogVault during migrations. When moving your site to a new URL it is not enough to change only the website URL.

Pages, posts, links within them also have to be changed.

Zero Downtime

Websites are migrated such a way that site customers are unaware of any changes in hosting. IP address of the new server can be entered so that site migration is possible even when the URL doesn’t point to the destination.

Special cases

A migration plugin acts as WordPress site Movers and Packer. Special cases include, but are not restricted to multi site networks, WooCommerce sites, and sites with custom files and tables. A migration plugin ably equipped to handle all such cases is .

Agile Customer Support

A good WordPress migration plugin will perform its required duty. A great WordPress migration plugin will go beyond the call of duty. You can rely on them to give you fully customised, and dedicated attention to your queries, regardless of the complexity. Web hosts can rest easy knowing they need not trouble themselves for customer support.

Higher performance and credibility

WordPress migrations are elaborate and complex. The possibility of human errors is higher in manual migration case. Normally, the reputation of a web host as well as the website itself bears the brunt of failure when a migration process is muddled up.

Which migration plugin fits the bill?

Now that you know what makes the web hosts giants in the internet world, FlyWheel and WP Engine find a migration plugin trustworthy, let us help you actually find one for your WordPress website.

Migrate Guru is a reliable backup and restore plugin. Trusted by over 220,000 sites and counting, it ensures a stress free WordPress backup and security solution in a single dashboard.

Migrate Guru is completely free, and it can transfer your site from any WordPress host to any other hosting service in the world. Your site is just one click away from a brand new location. Migrate Guru needs no addons, no extra charges and there are no hidden costs at all.

You can migrate even a site as large as 350 GB within minutes. You’ll never have to worry about downtimes or crashes during migrations ever again. It is known that 70% oversights in migrations occur due to broken links. Migrate Guru automatically rewrites URLs and links in all site pages and posts for you.

Learn more about this WordPress migration tool.


Sign up with Migrate Guru for a free trial to acquaint yourself to a trustworthy WordPress backup experience.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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