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Home CMS How Much Does It Cost to Start a Self-hosted Wordpress Blog?

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Self-hosted WordPress Blog?

WordPress is an online open-source website creation tool where you can manage your website even if you don’t have any knowledge in. People who have had an experience in using WordPress can testify that this is efficient open source software. What makes it even better, is that you can choose to create a blog for free.

However, if you choose to use the free features of WordPress, like a free plan and domain, the “freedom” that you can enjoy in creating your own blog will be limited. Here are some downsides when you choose the free features of WordPress:

  • Your domain name will end with wordpress.com.
  • You will be given with only 3GB space.
  • There’ll be a limited amount of themes available.
  • Expect a number of ads.
  • You won’t get a direct support.
  • You won’t be able to use AdSense for this.

If you want to start building a professional blog, you have to spare some money to get better services. You have to host your own blog, to acquire more features and control over your website. Here are some of the things that you can buy to host your own website:

Table of Contents

Domain name

If you buy your own domain, you are sure that your website will appear professional and SEO friendlier, provided it comes with a keyword-rich domain name.

Price: $11-$20

Web hosting

The reason a website appears on the World Wide Web is because of web hosting. Through web hosting services, websites are stored to the server, making them available to the Internet users. Some web hosting companies add the free domain to their web hosting services.

Price: $2.75 – $19.95 per month


Security is important because of obvious reasons. WordPress is a potential target for hackers. You don’t want these kinds of people to invade your personal information and properties on the web. That’s why it is recommended to invest in a WordPress security system.

Price: $200

WordPress Theme

There are available WordPress themes that you can use to create a blog for free. However, choosing a theme is one of the most difficult tasks in creating your own website. In choosing a theme, you need to consider several things such as its responsiveness, user-friendliness, SEO friendliness, appropriateness of design, and more.

Price: Free – $99.99

Premium Plugins

Plugins will provide you the extra features to manage your website. The price depends on your chosen plugins. There’s a plugin that allows you to add related posts to your blog posts, and there’s a plugin that allows you to block spams in your website.

Price: Depends on the plug-in


Search engine optimization is free in WordPress. However, you are free to hire a 3rd party SEO company, who will work on your website to increase your search engine results ranking.

Price: $0 – $1000

If you’re a new blogger who wants to setup a blog in your self-hosted website, you don’t need to purchase all the expensive plugins and software. Just cut some costs and buy the only ones you need, then work on your website until it is stable enough to provide for the additional plugins and expensive tools. As a new blogger, you may already self-host your WordPress blog at $70 at least.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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