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New WhatsApp Features Revealed

Whatsapp is set to release some significant updates. We reported yesterday that WhatsApp is set to allow users hide images from their gallery and the feature is available in Beta mode. More features have been confirmed.


WhatsApp Send Message Only

This feature already available on Telegram allows only the group Admin to send messages to the group, this way group members don’t spam the group with unrelated messages. The Admins can send Text, documents, images, audios, and videos in this mode while the other group members can’t. This announcement style feature is already rolling out for Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp Group Restrict

If you’re a group administrator, then you will be able to configure this setting from the Group Info menu. Once the permission is changed to Admin only, the chat box disappears, while if it switched to all participants, group members will be notified.

WhatsApp Restrict

Group Video Calls

As if to compete with Apple‘s Group FaceTime that now allows Group Video Calls of up to  32 persons, Whatsapp has launched its own Group Video Calls which is already in Beta mode and will soon be made available. This feature allows group video call of up to 3 persons. The group call splits the phone’s screen into 3 with two callers placed side by side at the top half, while the third person in the call has the bottom half.

Whatsapp Payments

Already being tested in India, this feature allows Whatsapp users to make peer to peer payments right on the app., this is to ensure smooth transactions, and it is a smart move considering that many persons use WhatsApp for business. Whatsapp Payments is expected to come with the next Global update. I hope Nigeria is included and we will  be able to withdraw our earnings (eyes Paypal).

If the changes excite you, let us know by using the comment box.

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