Oclean X, World’s First Touch Screen Electric Toothbrush, Bags Over 10 Million Yuan in Crowdfunding

Oclean X, which is the world’s first touch-screen electric toothbrush, recently went up for crowdfunding on Xiaomi YouPin. Now, the product has managed to bag more than 10 million yuan in crowdfunding.


From the listing, it is revealed that so far more than 41,450 people have backed this product and helped raise over 10,322,900 yuan, which is approximately $1.4 million. While the original price of Oclean X is 299 yuan (approx. $43), it is priced at 249 yuan (approx. $36) for the crowdfunding campaign.

In terms of design, Oclean X is not too different from the previous-generation products. With Oclean X, the company is using technology to improve the brushing experience and effects and is not just limited to vibrating. It claims to be introducing the concept of intelligence, customization, and rapidity.

It comes with a touch-screen display which can be used to set the mode of brushing teeth, notification when the brush head needs to be replaced. It also notifies the user when the brushing force is not enough or the brush needs to be adjusted to cover the blind area.

Further, the user can also view the time, weather, choose brushing mode, check dental health information, brushing feed backs and so on. The touch experience is very user-friendly and responsive.

The product keeps monitoring the brushing posture of the user for around 1,500 times a minute. All the data collected by this electric toothbrush then generates a data report and provides a detailed explanation on the mobile application.

It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 support and is compatible with phones running Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 and higher. As per the company, with two hours of charging, the battery of the toothbrush can last for around 30 days.


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