Official Plus closes: No More GB WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

Sigh. I hate to be the harbinger of bad news but I have to announce it. Official Plus, the maker of the popular GB WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus has announced that it has stopped making the popular WhatsApp mods.


This came barely some months after GB Mods, first know the group to patch the WhatsApp into WhatsApp was shut down following heat from WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp mods are so popular as they bring in different features that the Original WhatsApp do not have (and have not even decided to implement).

Despite the security risks, many users (including me) have stuck by the mods. We have been banned different times, but nobody wants a boring WhatsApp where you cannot download status, schedule messages, auto reply, see who is online, modify ticks, and use many other tricks.

“We Are Really Sorry To Announce That WhatsApp MODs Applications Are No Longer Available In Official Plus,” they wrote on their website,

“Because The Developer GBMods (The Source Code Provider) Has Stopped The Development On WhatsApp MODs, Due Violate WhatsApp Terms Of Service. – Official Pus Team” they added.

The Official Plus team depended heavily on the GBMods source codes. All information relating to the WhatsApp mods have been deleted from their website.

There is Still Hope

Following the collapse of the Official-Plus team, preparations were made to avoid problems with transitions.

AlexMods has taken over development of WhatsApp mods. He has served the GB WhatsApp Pro, OG WhatsApp Pro & WhatsApp Plus Pro version 8.0.

To download, simply update to the latest version 8.0 from the apps. If you are new, and would want to join the WhatsApp Mods users, please wait a little while since there will be a new version (Version 8.10) in about 10 days.


For those willing to migrate from WhatsApp Mods to the Original WhatsApp without losing files and chats, please drop a comment. I am currently working on a new tutorial to show you how you can move your files.

For the WhatsApp mods users, a new tutorial will be in posted here once the latest version 8.10 is released, to enable you tweak the app. This is because the interface differs

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