Quick and Simple Tips for Link Building and SEO

Link building following SEO (search engine optimisation) is more than merely creating backlinks to official websites, as most guides on the internet will repeat endlessly — successful link building efforts which involve more than leaving an elaborate trail of hypertext links leading back to your website.

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Links play a significant role in SEO, gathering referral traffic and building credibility online. Although Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, authoritative backlinks have always helped to determine a website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo or Bing, rely mostly on backlines to tell them yes or no a website is worthy of citation and therefore a higher ranking and a high degree of being seen on the internet.

Here is how to Build Links

There are various ways or tactics agencies and SEO experts use to establish a capable network of backlinks:

  • Cold Contact
  • Infographics
  • Guest Posting
  • Internal Linking
  • Content Promotion

Cold Contact

One method of establishing good backlinks is through cold-contact. Reaching out to authoritative bloggers or websites and telling them about low-quality or broken links in their content or on their web pages is an excellent way of politely telling them that they link out to your site, instead.

Without coming across as rude or anything, try to find out those sites which host a resource page linking to another, various, relevant sites.


Depending on infographics to point you towards the right direction of authoritative backlink prospects is another common technique you can employ. Link to where the traffic is headed. When more people see a link, the possibility that someone will click the link, leading them to your page, is significantly higher.

Guest Posting

Inviting a well-respected blogger or content writer to contribute to your site is also a popular and effective method of adding backings. Whenever a refutable content producer or writer is featured on your website, it not only boosts publicity of your site for that particular creator or writer but it also draws their traffic to your website as well.

Linking to their work and the corresponding website is a considerable way of building a community within your SEO strategy.

Internal Linking

While linking out to other websites with adequate authority is common practice in most link building campaigns, linking to contents and pages within your website is also a significant factor.

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When your site links back to itself, it tells users to visit all the pages that are included in your blog or website, therefore, prolonging the length of their stay and also sharing more of your content with your site visitors, which in turn leads to the next and final point.

Content Promotion

You must have heard it from every SEO expert and read about it on every how-to site: “content is king.” promoting sharable, enjoyable content for users is, by far, the most crucial step in any marketing campaign.

When you are building a link, this assertion still holds. If your website is producing unique, quality content, it is very likely to be linked to by other blogs and websites.

All these steps can appear somewhat daunting to some; however, companies sometimes enlist the help of another party to help establish their linking networks for them. Agencies like PureLinq does precisely that, following each step mentioned here, as well as implementing their expertise into your link building efforts.

Contextual link building with PureLinq is maybe the best service on the internet to reach your link building goals.

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