Computer 101: How to Retrieve a Lost Windows Password, Clean Up Keyboard Spills and How to Screenshot With Your PC

There are so many things you can fix yourself without visiting a technician; this article will teach you three basic things such as retrieving your windows password, clean up keyboard spills and also learn how to screenshot with your PC.

How to retrieve a lost windows password

With our busy schedules, multiple accounts, it is easy to forget passwords; if you do not remember your windows password, these steps will show you how to recover your password.

1. at the windows login screen, click on the question mark; if you enter a hint while creating the password, a pop-up box will display. Rack your brain for anything that relates to the password.

2. if you did not enter a hint while creating the password, try connecting as the administrator. At the login screen, press control ctrl, and delete twice, then type in “Administrator” as the user and leave the password blank.

3. if you can log in, right click on “my computer” and select manage, click local users and groups, and then users. Right-click on the user and then select your username; right click on your username and select set password. Fill in the field with your new password. Consider using a password-recovery program; it is free and available online.

4. if you cannot login as an administrator, you have to gain access to your computer the hard way. Load your windows system operator CD and restart your computer, when prompt in click on any button to boot the CD.

5. when the setup screen appears, press enter to set up windows and then press F8 to accept the license agreement. Chose the repair option on the setup screen

6. allow your computer a few minutes to complete the repair process; it will reboot automatically when finished. After a few minutes, when the installing progress part appears, press shift and F10 to bring up the command console.

7. at the prompt, type NUSRMGR.CPL or userpassword2 and press enter to access your user account. Select your account and change your password; preferably names or things you can remember or simply store your password on your private notepad, etc. Exit the command console and enter the windows product key from your original software when prompted.

8. when your operating system starts up again automatically, log in with your new password, all of your file and setting should be intact.

How to clean up keyboard spills

Do not trash your keyboard because of a spilled cup of tea, coffee, or wine; you can still fix it even though it is one of the inexpensive peripherals to replace. So, save it with these simple steps;

What you will need

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Soft cloth
  •  Distilled water
  • Cotton swabs
  • Digital camera Rubbing alcohol
  • A lot of patience

1. For wireless keyboard, remove the battery, otherwise, simply unplug the keyboard.

2. Hold the keyboard upside down over a sink or trashcan and shake it vigorously to remove excess liquid

3. Dampen the soft cloth with distilled water and wipe the surface

4. Remove the keys with your flathead screwdriver (if your keyboard is detachable). Before removing the keys, take a picture of the keyboard to help you quickly place back the keys.

5. Clean the key sockets with a cotton swab and the distilled water, and then replace the keys. Ensure to use to rubbing alcohol, for tougher spills.

6. Type with the cleaned keyboard, if it is not working correctly dissembled the entire keyboard by removing the screws and clean up each component severally and then wait for it to get dried before reassembling them.

7. Try typing again, if it still does not work correctly, clean it again and hope for the best.

How to screenshot with your PC?

You can screenshot anything you want with your computer just as you can do with your mobile device. It is pretty easy, just follow these steps below to guide you;

Step one: on your Windows PC, open the file or window you want to capture; ensure it is the active window on your monitor.

Step two: press the Screen Button on the top right corner of your keyboard to take a picture. If you want a screenshot of only the active window, press and hold the alt key while pressing the print screen button.

Tip: If you have windows 8, simply go to the search field, and type in “snipping tool” to screenshot your file.

Step three: open the word processing or graphics program, hold down the control key and then press the V key to paste the screenshot into your selected program. You can also paste it directly to your email.

Step four: chose the file on the top menu bar and click on the Save As, locate the file that you would like to save the screenshot in the Save As window, name the file and save it.

Step five: if you are a Mac user, hold down shift command and the number 3 to take a picture of the entire screen. A file will automatically save to your desktop.

Step six: hold down shift, command, 4 to take a picture of an area of the screen. Hold down the mouse button, run the select tool over the area you would like to shoot, and let go. A file will save to your desktop. Find the screenshot file on your desktop, and change it to your preferred name and location.

Step seven: attach a screenshot to e-mail, insert them into a document or print them out; just as you would in any other digital file. Yes, it is that simple.

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