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Home News RHA announces T20 Wireless earphones with DualCoil drivers

RHA announces T20 Wireless earphones with DualCoil drivers

British audio company RHA has announced a wireless version of its popular T20 earphones. The T20 Wireless claim to combine the best of wired and wireless design in one package.

At the core of the T20 Wireless is RHA’s DualCoil driver design. It features two voice coils instead of the usual one, one in the center and one around the magnet with custom diaphragm, which RHA claims puts equal emphasis across all frequency bands.

You also get the same custom tuning filters as the standard T20. You can use the bass filter, which boosts the low frequencies, the Treble filter for high frequencies or use the Reference filter for a balanced, true to source sound. These need to be physically screwed and unscrewed from the speakers and they affect the tuning of the audio as it exists the speakers.

Perhaps the best bit of the T20 Wireless is that it does come with a standard cable in the box. This lets you quickly switch back and forth between the wireless design, where you get the neckband or a direct physical connection to your source.

If you go wireless, which is the whole point of these, then you get aptX audio codec (no aptX HD or LDAC here, sadly), NFC and 12-hours of battery life.

The accessories are plentiful here, with the aforementioned filters along with 7x pairs of dual density silicone ear tips in various sizes, 2x pairs of double flange silicone ear tips and 2x pairs of Comply Foam Tsx400 ear tips. There’s also a clothing clip, cleaning cloth and Neoprene carry pouch provided. Lastly, there’s 3-years of warranty.

All of this does come at a price, which is $250 in the US, but if you value sound quality and wireless convenience then they might be well worth it.


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