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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specifications and Features

Pending August 9 when the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone will be launched, more details are being revealed as the specifications start to leak. A well-known Veteran in the Samsung smartphone business Eldar Murtazin has revealed some of the hands-on juiciest details after spending time with the company and testing the phone.


Samsung Galaxy S9

The Galaxy Note 9 has the same design as the Note 8 and not very much different from the S9+/ The fingerprint scanner has been moved under the dual camera and that is the only noticeable change in designs. The phone has been revealed to be a little bit weighty and than its predecessors.

The phone now spots a 4000 mAh battery for longer usage as endurance level due to normal usage is about a day to two while video playback with maximum brightness is 23 – 25 hours. As usual, the processor is Qualcomm SnapDragon processor South Korea and the US for while the global version for the rest of the world is fitted with Exynos chipset.

The screen uses Super AMOLED display although the brightness has been tinkered with as it now has an AlwaysOn functionality for daytime. though the full feature may not be fully available till the S10. The UI has also been improved with some modifications according to Eldar,

The memory has been improved too and the basic version of the Note9 goes to 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage space with a slot for memory card. The other variants also available are the 8 GB RAM 256 GB Storage space and 8 GB RAM, 512 GB storage space versions, with both devices having SD card expansion slots.

The camera has also been worked on and there is still room for improvements on its Optical Image Stabilization. The S Pen has been upgraded and now has Bluetooth support and ability to unlock the device remotely.

Come August, we will know if everything revealed here is true, till then let us just keep our fingers crossed.


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