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Samsung Might Partner with Google on AI to Improve Bixby

When it comes to the area of virtual assistants, there are only four names that stand out, Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri and Alexa. Samsung has also developed its digital assistant called Bixby, but the Samsung’s in-house AI assistant has so far remained a distant competitor regarding features.

This can be attributed to Bixby’s limited availability and partly due to Samsung’s lack of expertise in the development of AI when compared to the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Samsung realises the same, which is why the tech company is willing to work with Google on AI to enhance Bixby’s capabilities. The Company’s president and CEO of Consumer Electronics division, Kim Hyun-Suk during the Samsung’s conference at IFA 2018 indicated that Samsung might leverage its position as a leading consumer electronics brand and create a collaboration with Google.

“Samsung is developing its voice assistant, Bixby, but we might consider various forms of collaboration with Google in the field. For example, we can call up Bixby, but it could lead us to one of Google’s services like Google Maps”, quoted by Hyun-Suk while speaking to SamMobile.

He also added that Samsung has the upper hand compared to other companies which dabble predominantly in AI research mainly because the company is capable of making any hardware which can accommodate a virtual assistant, while others in the field of AI development lack the same.

“Samsung is a company that sells up to 500 million units of devices worldwide every year; this could be used as bargaining power to negotiate the level of cooperation with AI leaders like Google”, Hyun-Suk added. Although, he didn’t specify whether both companies have entered into any mutual collaboration with each other over research on Artificial Intelligence, with Bixby being the core of advancements and improvements.

Gideon Akeni
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