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Secrets Of Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Over the years, women’s roles in the society are changing substantially. From movies, sports business or any other field you can think of. Women entrepreneurs have played and are still playing a significant role in how things have to progress today.

However, there are several numbers of myths attached to how women entrepreneurs operate a business and the reason why they are good at what they do.

According to Successstory, the MBA class of the Wharton School in the U.S. serves as one of the best examples available. The MBA class had almost 50 percent women, and after the completion of the course, more than eight percent (8%) of them became entrepreneurs setting up their own businesses.

If you are wondering why the emergence of more successful women entrepreneurs transforming the business world, this article will show you some of the secrets these women used to get to the level they are today. Here are some of the secrets of successful women entrepreneurs

They Focus On Work-Life Balance

Successful women entrepreneurs understand the benefit of life’s balance; they know how to balance between balanced family life and a career life like no other. It makes them more making them more aware of the needs of their employees and co-workers.

These women understand that along with commitment towards the company, an employee’s performance can be improved by giving a balanced life outside the office. A happy employee and co-worker provide better productivity and profits to an organization.

They take Calculative Risks

Although there is, a stereotype attached to women entrepreneurs, as they are not bold enough or they lack the courage to take a risk. Contrary to what the majority thinks, women entrepreneurs are able to take calculated risks when it comes to their businesses.

A recent study proves that women entrepreneurs take risks only after weighing the dangers, as well as benefits before making any decision that will affect their business.  According to Alyse Nelson, in the book titled Vital Voices, there are some reasons that make women smarter than men regarding taking risks.

Women intend to make transformative risk by taking decisions to improve the lives of others, and not only theirs. They make decisions under the radar analyzing the impact of their decision

Women’s Intuitive power

According to a research conducted by the British Journal of Psychology, women entrepreneurs are more intuitive, the study proves further, that a woman’s brain takes decisions based on external cues, and experiences as compared to logic.

The success and failure of every business organization banks on a strong intuition- a strong intuition plays a crucial role in any organization. This makes women entrepreneurs offer right direction to the business organization. No wonder ‘woman’s intuition’ is a synonym for a good reason.

They are obsessed with Relationships

It may sound like a joke to you, but women entrepreneurs are obsessed with maintaining cordial relationships.  According to a study done by the Wharton School, one of the targeted goals of women entrepreneurs is to build a relationship with their employees, developers, co-workers, or anyone they work with.

Women prefer building long-term relationships than short or transactional ones; successful women entrepreneurs take their employees as a team and not just people who work with or for them. This characteristic enables them to improve the efficiency of their employees.

Women have Better Networking skills

If you study the lives of every successful businesswoman, you will notice how strong their networking skills are, even though they are balanced in nature or are born “soft-hearted.” Women entrepreneurs connect better and faster with different kinds of people.

When it comes to a family affair, women deal with different kinds of people with different temperaments, it enables them to handle or flow with several types of customers.

Stronger networking equals better connections, and availability of more resources and opportunities, making it smoother and more comfortable to run a business. As a business owner, if you notice a woman who handles her family affair with great wisdom and passion under your payroll, then watch it. She may just be the asset you need for your business to grow beyond what it is today.

Furthermore, as an upcoming business owner, it is better to have a successful female entrepreneur as one of your business mentors. You will learn things that will skyrocket your business to the next level.

Joy Ebarefeye
Joy is a creative writer who loves to decode boring information and transform them into the simplest, but innovative ideas for positive impact. She provides practical tips on how to solve life's challenges. Joy is also a full-stack developer who designs and develops beautiful and responsive websites.


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