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Home Tech What Is Smart Home Technology? All You Need to Know

What Is Smart Home Technology? All You Need to Know

It’ll be hard to look around and find a person who didn’t forget to turn off the light and hit the bed, at least once. Or forgot to turn the microwave off, cause you were too busy telling Sally about your dream job? Or missed the most important goal just because you misplaced the remote, YET AGAIN?!

These are the little joys in life which can be easily snatched from you with just a minor speck. And to keep us from harming ourselves or others cause of such minor downfalls, the concept of Smart Home comes into play. It might sound like an idea from a Terminator movie, but it is as real as it gets.

As smart as it sounds

Smart Homes are traditionally convenient home setups where the appliances present in the home are controlled remotely from any place in the house having a viable internet connectivity. This is done using a smart phone or a well networked device.

It provides home owners security, comfort, and convenient flexibility without having to move around the place. As a part of IoT (Internet of things) smart homes and devices get synchronized in an effort of function better, while keeping in mind the preferences of the homeowner.

Existing Smart Home Technologies

Even though most houses aren’t fully equipped with smart home technology, a major portion of aspects in modern houses do.

Smart TV’s connect to the internet to provide you with instant browsing and viewing. They also recognize hand and voice gestures. Smart thermostats come with integrated Wi-Fi, which keeps in check and controls the temperatures of your home and sets itself according to the existing environment. Smart garage door openers and locks are used to monitor movement about who enters your property. They even detect if you’re nearby, so to unlock the house and set the comfort level of you home, to make it feel like home.

Kitchen appliances of all sorts are available, ranging from smart coffee machines, which starts brewing your cup of morning coffee as soon as the alarm goes off, to smart refrigerators which keeps the temperature in check from preventing the food from getting ruined.

Does it get any smarter?

Yes it does.

Market researchers show that major technological innovation companies are making an investment of a collective amount of almost $55 million. Major smart homes industry like Alexa, Google Home and Amazon Echo are booming with respect to AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Technological innovations are being made in areas for improving surveillance, security and indoor environment control. Very soon Smart Homes would be able to look after your health by ensuring you get the right amount of sunlight and fresh air. It would also enable you to make smarter financial decisions, in making improving and maintaining your home. The combination of daily controls and marketability, will make it a very luring idea.

And with the plenty of IoT devices around today, it won’t be long before you can make your home smarter.

Smart Homes not only saves the day. It also saves ourselves from us.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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