Artificial intelligence

A List of Artificial Intelligence Tools You Can Use Today — for Industry Specific

Here’s a look at industry specific companies that utilise various forms of artificial intelligence to solve some really interesting and particular problems for different markets. If you want to be included in any of...
Android Vault

Best Android Vault Apps to Hide Images and Videos

One of the main reasons people want to hide videos or pictures is usually for privacy. Our smartphone is practically our database as it contains images and videos that either captures our intimate moments...

8 Useful Gmail Notification Settings on Android

Checking your mail means you have to log in to your PC all the time a couple of years back. But with the emergence of smartphones, life is much easier than it used to...

Artificial Intelligence: Welcome to the Future

Could our sci-fi movies be right? Are the machines taking over? Even though these questions are somewhat laudable one cannot dismiss the fact that the high rate of incoming AI-based devices is eroding the...
Pregnancy Tracker

10+ Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps for Andriod

During pregnancy, women often want to know how their baby is faring as well as the size of their baby. Sometimes you may wonder how pregnant ladies seem to know the size of their...

WhatsApp Set to bring in a new MAJOR feature in next Update

According to information available on the web, WhatsApp is currently working on a dark mode feature to make the app easier to use at Night. Dark mode is a feature that allows users to turn...
Toyota's Robot

Toyota’s Robot Is Getting Closer to Becoming a Basketballer

Robots are becoming more and more capable to perform activities as human as the day goes on. Gone are those days when robotics was just limited to creating some machines capable of certain task....
Writing Apps

Top 10 Best Writing Apps for Android and iOS

According to a 2017 survey by ReportLinker state that 75% of smartphone users in the United States never switch off their smartphones. given that there is going to be a lot more space to write...
Calculator Apps

8 Best Calculator Apps For Your Android Smartphone

Whether you are a student, teacher, engineer, builder, financial analyst, scientist, mathematician etc., this list contains the best calculator apps on Google Playstore

The Best Video Calling Apps For Android Phones

Thanks to innovation, our gadgets now have more features than before with support for new technologies that we didn't imagine. With the availability of free WiFi, 3G and 4G internet connectivity coupled with unlimited...