Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur in 2018

Before you read this, I would like to congratulate you for taking the bold step to be an entrepreneur. It takes guts to leave your “stable” job and create one; think about the responsibilities, the risks, the unseen mistakes, etc. here’s my big thumbs up to you.

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This is a new year, and you probably have written your new year’s resolution about what you should or should not do in your business; it is an excellent way of maximizing the opportunities you will be getting this year as an entrepreneur.

However, there are some nitty gritty you need to put into consideration for you to avoid making the same mistakes other entrepreneurs are making. As an entrepreneur, the world is silently watching and thinking; is she going to make it?

He is so dumb for leaving his job! The truth is, if you don’t take the right step, they may end up using you as a bad reference for any upcoming entrepreneur hoping to start and grow his business.

Step #1 – Never focus on what you will earn

One of the many mistakes, entrepreneurs do is to think their business is solely for making money. This is a wrong way to start your business, and frankly, in no time you will be drafting a new CV hoping to get a job.

If your primary goal for starting your business is to make a humongous profit, then you need to go back to your drawing and think again. Every successful business owner did not leave their job to start a business because they need to fill their pocket. Well…actually it is among the many reasons, but it is NOT the main motive.

The earlier you change your mindset, the better and faster your business grows. Don’t get it wrong; all successful enterprises make profits, however, as a “young” business owner you need to focus more on what you can give to customers- money is secondary.

The only way you can successfully pull it off is, loving what you do. It is the reason you left the job in the first place, isn’t it? Customers are loyal to the brands who have their interest at heart and not companies who are only after their money.

Step #2 – Accept responsibilities

Imagine the joy of being called a BOSS by your subordinates, love the feeling isn’t it? The title without responsibilities is just a mere name. The BOSS is a title you have to defend as a business owner, and you can’t do it by avoiding responsibilities and pushing blames to anyone or everyone you see around you.

As an entrepreneur you are the mastermind behind your business; anything that goes wrong in your company is your fault, and everything that goes right is as a result of teamwork. Until you understand what it takes to assume responsibility you will never grow your business.

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One important trait you need to have as an entrepreneur is “selflessness” it is the key to building a successful team; a formidable team that will help you develop your business. When you always push blames to your staff, you end up losing their respect, and they see you as a wimp.

You do not necessarily need to blame yourself for everything; the bottom line is when something is off, you fix it! Ensure it doesn’t happen again and stop wasting time dwelling on the mistakes. Remember you are the Boss, your workers look up to you, and they mirror everything you do.

Step #3 – Change your superhero mindset

Even though we love to see ourselves as superheroes- thinking we can do all things with or without anyone’s help, it is not true. Actually, the “I can do it all” syndrome is responsible for so many closed businesses today. Don’t start the year with this mindset; it will suck up the energy from you thereby burning you out even before the race begins.

A successful entrepreneur knows his limits, his weaknesses and the people he needs to push the business forward. Bring in the best people you can find and afford to join you build your business. Train your staff, let them know what your company stands for and sometimes allow them to handle the job while you watch.

There are little things we sometimes overlook, but they are as important as the three steps listed above. Customers observe even when we think, you’ve gotten their loyalty. Any little slip and zap! There goes your customer.

Fast delivery – do not get too comfortable with your client and think it is okay to be five minutes late. Always deliver on or before time; train your staff to know the importance of keeping to time.

Be detail oriented – remember to “cross every T and dot every I” always deliver a neat work; the customer is king, serve him as one.

Create an online presence for your business – the world is going digital, billions of people are using the internet. The fastest way to get people to know your business is through the internet. Use the power of social media to draw people to your business, join the millions of entrepreneurs who are making it big on social media.

It is not enough to read the article. You have to take steps; go back to your drawing board, rethink your plans, and then project your business to the world.

Good luck!!!

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