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Home Gadgetry The Ubiquity Frontrow: Technology Moves From Your Wrist to Your Neck

The Ubiquity Frontrow: Technology Moves From Your Wrist to Your Neck

Wearable technology has been grabbing eyeballs for a while now. Every other day, the newspapers are flooded with some new invention that can be worn on our bodies and make our lives slightly less complicated. One of the latest inventions to join this ever-growing list of wearable technology is Ubiquity’s FrontRow, which is a wearable camera!

Many of us have been guilty of not witnessing some of the most happening moment of our lives, because we were busy capturing them on our mobile phone. Well, that problem is precisely what the FrontRow is expected to solve.

While you are emotionally and physically enjoying an important life event, the camera that you are wearing around your neck will be capturing the event.


Ubiquity Frontrow

Let’s get down straight to business. This camera has a 5 megapixel camera and an 8 megapixel main camera and resembles a pendant with its 2 inch LCD touch screen. It’s as big as a half dollar coin, so this technology around your neck will not really bother you. After all, it weighs only 55 grams and is made up of metal and glass.

It comes with a USB Type C port and 32 GB of storage space. However, you cannot expand the storage as it does not have a micro SD slot. You get a RAM of 2 GB and a chipset of Snapdragon 625.

You can also shoot videos up to 1080p or live stream your favourite moments on YouTube and Facebook for up to 2 hours! The picture quality of the FrontRow is good enough to compete with that of the smartphones in the market.

Story Mode:

With fluid motion and lightning fast responsiveness the camera also allows the wearer to shoot pictures and record videos for up to 12 hours (which is known as the ‘story’ mode) and finally brings them all together in the popular time-lapse technique of videos. The whole point of giving users such a long duration to shoot pictures is that wearers might indulge in long activities which they’d like to shoot and will also encourage them to wear the camera at all times.

What you will really love about this is that all the worst shots are automatically discarded so that the final video consists of all the perfect ones and effortlessly gets transferred to your phone.

While it only supports YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as the third party apps currently, it will become more flexible in the coming months.

Is it worth all the hype?

The market of wearable camera has so far been a futile one, with many making attempts but not succeeding. Many experts believe that is a foolish attempt. However, you can’t be certain given the amazing picture quality and the cool design that the FrontRow sports.

There are some optimists as well, who believe that Ubiquity has a good chance of succeeding in this otherwise dull market. Live streaming of videos on popular social media sites and the 2 inch touchscreen definitely make it something that should be tried out. And if things go well, with the FrontRow capturing the niche market that it is targeting, GoPro could be facing some serious competition in this field.

Bottom Line:

We all love having wonderful memories to look back at. However, making those memories mean being physically and mentally present in the moment. Many of us so busy trying to get the perfect angle or the brightness that we miss out on this important opportunity. With Ubiquity’s FrontRow, it seems as if this problem may just get solved forever!

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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