Tesla Is Adding Retro Atari Games in Its Cars Again

Image: Teslarati

If having an autonomous car was not enough, Tesla owners can now play retro Atari games on the car’s dashboard. These games are not meant to be played while you are driving. It is more of a thing where the driver can entertain himself while waiting for someone. Or, if they want to sit back in the car and rush off some levels.

The number of games that are currently being offered is limited though. Now, Tesla owners are limited to only two games which are Missile Command and Asteroids. The company claims that more games would be added as time goes on, especially everyone’s favourite: Super Breakout.

As for how the games are being played, it’s straightforward. There is no controller so the drivers would have to use the car’s steering wheel to control the games. It is a novel idea, but some of it requires a precision method, so I can imagine myself controlling these games with a steering wheel, this might be difficult.

However, this won’t be the first time that the company has introduced Easter eggs to its vehicles. In the past, they have added a Santa mode, a Rover mode, and a whole lot more. With the addition of retro Atari games, there is a little something for everyone.

The update will be rolling out sometime next week to its users, but as expected with over the air updates, it will take some time until the update gets to the entire fleet of Tesla vehicles spread out across the country. However, if you want the update sooner, connect the car to a Wi-Fi network.

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