The 7 Amazing Tools for Finding Similar Images on Your Mac

Duplicate files in any form not only occupy valuable disk space but it also affects your system performance negatively.

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Here, duplicate photos contain the highest number in total identical files on your system. In this article, we have discussed best duplicate image cleaner tools to help you get rid of this digital junk effortlessly.

Duplicate Photos Fixer:

Duplicate Photos Fixer

Duplicate Photos Fixer helps you scan, find and remove duplicate files from folders, iPhoto Library and Photos app. Here, you can select a specific location or simply drag & drop the files to de-duplicate your image collection. It allows you to set the matching level to find similar and exact match files.

Use this number one app on the Mac App Store to recover chunks of disk space effortlessly. This smart solution offers you quickest, easiest and safest way to get rid of all identical image files on your Mac. In addition to Mac, it also works seamlessly with Windows, Android and iOS platforms. Know more about this tool

Disk Drill 3:

Disk Drill 3

Use this powerful duplicate photo finder tool to get rid of all similar and exact match files on your Mac. It works both in online & offline modes to clean your internal and cloud storage.

You can use this powerful tool to scan, detect and remove all types of identical files including images, songs, videos, documents and more. Once you install and launch this program, all you need to do is to select the scanning location. Here, everything else will be taken care automatically by the program. Know more about this tool

Webminds Duplicate Photo Cleaner:

Webminds Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Use this nifty tool to organize photo collection both on Windows and Mac. It helps you scan and removes all low-quality images and identical photos automatically to save your time and reduce manual efforts.

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Once it completes scanning of your drive storage, it will display all identical images to you and helps you decide which images to keep or delete. This smart tool is accessible by both amateur and professional users. It supports all major image formats to deliver comprehensive results.

Further, it allows you to compare results for better cleaning and organizing of your photo collection on Mac. Know more about this tool

Dr. Duplicator:

Dr. Duplicator

Dr. Duplicator offers an easy solution to catch all the nasty duplicates on your Mac. During the process, it scans each folder, internal storage or an entire network to de-duplicate it. Here, it compares content based on different factors to help you get accurate results.

It even helps you find duplicates with different names. It works on innovative algorithms that help you search even the darkest corners of your device storage. This exception quality tool offers full customization to help you get results as per your needs.

Further, this smart tool helps you de-duplicate your music collection, video library and emails & contacts as well. You can use this smart duplicate photo finder tool for instant and effective results. Know more about this tool



Use this swift and powerful duplicate photo finder tool to get rid of all similar and exact match photos on your Mac. During the process, it will help you scan, detect and remove all types of identical images from all folders effectively.

Here, it moves deleted files to system Trash from where you can restore any file if needed. Further, it also helps you organize and clean Photos app collection on your Mac. Here, it moves files to the special album to help you restore them when needed. It is also compatible with iPhoto, Adobe Lightroom and Capture One application. While working with Adobe Lightroom collection, it doesn’t delete files instead it marks them as “Rejected” and keep them in a special collection.

In other features, it offers auto mark, series of shots selection, auto lock, movies & similar shots selection, batch rename, preview option, browser option and more. This flexible tool also works seamlessly with macOS High Sierra. Know more about this tool

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Remo Duplicate Photos Remover:

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

This powerful tool works on proprietary De-Dupe algorithms to help you scan and remove all identical image files on your device. During the scan process, it will search entire drive space and deliver results in sets for easy viewing and management.

Here, it keeps one of each set stored on your device storage even if you delete the entire set. You can use Remo Duplicate Photos Remover to recover GBs of valuable disk space and boost your system performance. This smart solution supports all major platforms including Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. Know more about this

Dr. Cleaner:

Dr. Cleaner

Dr. Cleaner works as a complete tool to help you keep your system performance intact. It helps you optimize your system performance by deleting all junk files and monitor system issues to help you fix them. It works on fast and accurate scan techniques to scan your entire home folder and internal drive to find and delete all types of duplicate files.

During the process, it not only searches duplicates based on the same name by the same content as well. Thus, it delivers comprehensive and accurate results instantly. Once it completes scanning your system, it allows you to sort duplicates by file type and list them in their full route for easy tracking.’ Know more about this tool

So, these are the best duplicate image cleaner tools you should use to de-duplicate your photo library. If you know more such tools, then feel free to comment below.

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