The Best Logo Designing Apps in 2019

Image serves as the vital aspect when it comes to branding. Be it a website designing, building visual media for a company, or an emblem for business, a logo can serve as the immediate medium for identification. A logo stands as the entity on which companies tend to spend too much money, time, and resources. However, a large number of businesses operate with limited budget.

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There are many free logo designing software available online. Through spending some time and efforts on these software, you can build an astounding logo without spending a buck. If you do not wish to spend money on hiring a designer, then you can use one of the best logo designing apps and come up with a remarkable logo design.

Also, you can understand about the different approaches for web designs. You might be surprised after seeing how easy it is to build a logo with following software. Below are the best logo designing software:


Logaster stands as the free logo building software for building modern day logo designs. If your needs are unique, Logaster can work great. You can develop a logo online and download the free version. The higher resolution file charges about $13 and will be needed at the time of printing.

A simple wizard guides you through the logo creation process, presenting you with different templates to choose. The moment you choose a design, you can tweak colors and complete concept. However, there will be no effective image editing tools.

Depending on the needs, which could be either disadvantage or advantage, Logaster designs could be simple and equipped with identifiable appearance. You receive a zip file encompassing small design versions in various color schemes in lower resolution. The images are fine for using online until they are not too big.


Canva offers more than just creating logos. It falls among the best logo creation apps, and you can use the site to build posters, invitations, banners, cards, and much more.

There is huge selection of templates and designs to help you in stating. You can ensure that the creations meet the needs through mentioning the dimensions. An online editor can make it easy to include and customize graphic, textual, and visual media. A user can drag and drop, resize as required and tweak what he likes.

If you are building a logo for a project, you can choose to collaborate, as everyone else will be able to specify his or her ideas. Various design elements are free, though a few of them are available to premium users only. In addition, more mobile apps are available, enabling you to tweak design; however, the superior experience is ensured only by the Canva. The app is simple, flexible, easy-to-use, and bundled with superior features and customization abilities.

Online Logo Builder

Online Logo Builder stands as the fantastic free logo developer packed with advanced features. If you do not wish for an enlarged logo, then online logo builder can serve what you might be looking for. It includes a fantastic online image editor that you can use to develop logo along with business cards, blending in visual and textual media.

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Moreover, various libraries of images and shapes can be resized, dropped, and reshaped. You can upload custom graphic, if there are any that you do not want to use. In addition, support for different layers makes it easy to blend aspects to create something that is much impressive. It allows duplication of layers, and undo/redo, enabling you to try ideas. The logos are saved, allowing you to come back and make edits whenever you want.

Smaller versions of the creations can be downloaded and used on different websites, email signature, social media, and much more. You must pay a fee when you wish to download high-resolution versions that can be utilized on letterheads, T-Shirt, and more materials.

The Free Logo Makers

The Free Logo Makers stand as the best logo designing software that is useful to create a design that can be utilized online. The Free Logo Makers enables you to design logos free online. Though it is free to create and download a logo, but there is a limited option for size and formats. If you want big or vector versions, you can choose the paid plan.

Final Words

So far, we have revealed the best logo designing apps in 2019. If you know about more logo designing apps and tools, then feel free to mention and add value to this article.

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