The Impact of Mobile Apps on the Learning Process In 2019

Indeed, mobile apps have changed our lived extensively. The growth of mobile applications in the apps market is at an unprecedented rate. The number of downloads is estimated to rise from over 150 to over 354 billion by 2021; stated this.

Mobile apps do a lot of work for us; they help us to track our sports activities; they wake us up in the morning, keep notes, talk to friends, etc.

Mobile app development trends are causing a significant change in the education sector too. With new invention springing up every day. It would not be an overstatement to say that the smartphone has become an all-in-one education tool.

In this article, we will be shedding more light on the recent trends in mobile apps development and their impact on the modern day learning process.

Task Planners

Students are well known to be extremely vulnerable to procrastination. Some of which are extremely overloaded with home assignments, while others alack time because of their part-time jobs or they don’t have the will power to make any changes in their life.

This is where Task Planners come in, and task planners are mobile apps that can help students to overcome their laziness. Having a distinct schedule, they will feel more organised and know where to focus their energy on. Such programs help you to transform your smartphone into a motivation tool and thereby encouraging you to do something useful each time you use it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

According to Forbes, AI promotes equality among students all over the world. Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to introduce virtual classrooms where learners from across the globe can attend lectures delivered to them by the best teachers.

Take, for example, Presentation Translator. It is a unique tool that scans, analyses and translates presentations into a lot of different languages. What makes it especially useful is that it allows physically challenged people to attend a college or university without ever leaving their homes. It also creates a gap between the traditional education system and people from remote regions thereby making our society more inclusive.

Help with Homework

Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not only help to translate texts but also helps to provide their explanation. There’s no need to ask your parents about some specific problems; now you can tap into the potential of AI and get great support with your home tasks and test preparations.

AI has also impacted the latest trending apps, making them instinctively understandable for people of all ages. In 2019, teaching your grandparents how to begin programming won’t be a problem anymore.

All thanks to the unique algorithms that take into account the person’s age, gender, and previous experience, self-education apps are now becoming more and more popular.

However, no app can replace a human in case of creative tasks. For example, if you do not know how to write an informative essay, you won’t find a single application that can be able to do the work for you.

Voice Interpreters

Ten years ago, it was practically impossible to adequately communicate with a person from another country, even if you knew some necessary words from their language.

Then you have to study local dialects and slangs, and that alone requires a lot of time and effort. Now, voice interpreters facilitate the learning process by helping students to understand foreign languages and speak to foreigners even without any third parties.

The unique part of this technology it that, it helps blind people to become more active members of society. Thanks to such apps, they can now listen to books and freely communicate with others outside their language zone.

Cloud Storage

One of the apps trends is cloud storage. In 2019, the majority of apps include the possibility of syncing with a remote server and cloud file storage.

First, it improves security, and you can go about other business and forget about losing your data. Second, it’s very convenient, that is, you don’t need to use flash drives or compact discs (CD) because all your documents are being uploaded and downloaded wherever you are. And lastly, cloud storage allows several users to work with the same document at the same time.

In a statement, Cisco research stated that cloud apps would continue to overwhelm the mobile apps market in the next five years. It is expected that powerful applications will soon be developed. Taking up a minimal amount of space in the smartphone’s internal memory, they will provide their users with an endless opportunity to instantly download large data volumes from cloud services.

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