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Apple HomePod: Everything You Need to Know

Over the years, Apple has been known as that popular technology brand that responds to trends a little bit late after other brands have pushed out products bearing their version of the new tech trend. But when Apple finally dishes out their product, it will stampede other products already in the market to come out on top. And when it’s in the smartphone market, most times, leaving only Samsung to compete side by side with them.

Everybody believes Apple sits back, studies the trend and also watches and studies the competitors as they venture into the market with their new products, then after the study, they design their products based on the pros and cons they’ve observed from other products.

We can see that strategy played around Apple’s HomePod launch.

Recently, Apple has finally decided to launch its smart speaker, called HomePod. The homePod will be landing in stores by February 9th.  The homePod is a voice-controlled speaker which will always lie dormant, waiting to hear its wake word,  “Hey Siri.”

It is a mesh-fabric covered cylinder with a hidden rubber foot on the bottom. It has a length of 172mm and a diameter of 142mm, weighing 2.5kg which is 14.4 times the weight of an iPhone X.

The homePod is available in just white and black and when compared to Amazon Echo and Google’s home, it’s quite bigger than the both.

It has a small glass touch sensitive disc on its top that lights up to show plus and minus signs which signifies the volume and then it has a hidden centre display that flashes mixed colours when Siri is listening to you.

People were highly anticipating its arrival. It was announced last year, June 5th, 2017 at the Apple developers conference and scheduled for release in December 2017. But,  due to reasons are best known to Apple, the smart speaker didn’t see the light of the day until 2018.

Apple promises amazing sound from the smart home speaker, spatial awareness and access to enjoy the vast Apple’s music library

The homePod is quite a new product, so it will need a little getting used to before people can welcome it fully the way Google’s home and Amazon’s Alexa is right now. This post is dedicated to that. In this post, I will show you everything you need to know about the new Apple homePod smart speakers. This will help you figure out whether it’s something you want to buy and also when bought, it will help you figure out how to use it.

Meanwhile, Apple has published a HomePod user guide and a trio of videos on the Apple support youtube channel, this will also help direct users how to use the new homePod to the fullest.

On the homePod, you can ask Siri to play songs from specific genres, or from you’re a playlist you created. You can also ask Siri to skip to another track when you don’t like the current song that’s playing. You can also adjust the volume up and down by just asking Siri to do so.

Secondly, the homePod has some controls on its body. Apart from the physical volume up and down button, you can tap to pause a track or tap the button twice to skip to the next song or even tap thrice to return o the initial track. Then, you can touch and hold the button to activate Siri so she can start receiving your commands.

You can set a timer on the smart home speaker, but it won’t be multiple or named timers as one can do with Alexa and the rest smart speaker families available. It can also control some smart home devices as long as they’re connected to Apple’s HomeKit system. It can answer some questions and also do unit conversions and calculations.

You can also set up the smart speaker to use Siri and send text messages, create notes and reminders; making use of the smartphone and also the account of the person who set up the HomePod and it must be on the same wifi network.

To change settings on the homePod, you have to use the homePod’s App installed on your iPhone. In the settings you can change the room assignment, change which Apple music account you have connected to the smart speaker and you can also change Siri’s voice to choose from either a male or female voice. You can even reset your homePod when necessary.

As to every other product, there comes with it a user guide, also called manual that will guide the user on how to set the device up. Everything is broken down for you, from how to listen to Apple music to how to hear news briefings from the smart home speaker.

On arrival, homePod will be meeting great competition in the likes of the various variants and versions of Google home speakers and also Amazon echo.

HomePod costs $349 and and the sales just resumed few days ago, on the 9th of February.


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