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The Top iOS Application Development Trends in 2019

Many great happenings seem to roll up this year leaving the onlookers in awe and amusement. Apple Inc., the biggest tech giant never fails to enthrall its users. In the year 2018, with the introduction of some of the great operating systems, a new range of highly advanced iPhone models hit the market.


These iPhones have completely changed the idea about the wonders a simple smartphone can do. The way app development industry is modernizing, with the huge contribution of the Apple Inc., developing an app is becoming a challenge with every passing hour.

As the year 2018, is pacing towards its end, its time one should buckle up with the latest IOS App development trends to top the wall of fame. Let’s dig deeper into the details to learn about the trends will capture the market:

Siri- The AI-Powered Virtual Assistance

Since the first version of Siri until the present, a huge transformation is seen. It is getting advance over time. Apple has facilitated the app developers with the premium Sirikit for enabling watchOS and IOS apps to work with Siri by using voice only.

Access to the lock screen and the hands-free use are among the many benefits you can avail by integrating the Sirikit. Moreover, it enhances usability as you can create and run shortcuts through its voice recognition facility.

iOS App Security

Protecting user’s credential and personal information present on the app and in the smartphone is becoming a vital concern of all. The vulnerability to app threats made every app developer practice such techniques that can ensure maximum safety. Attempting to provide highly secured application, Apple has made ATS- App Transport Security compulsory for newly launched apps.

The apps are required to write inside a virtual “glass case”. The operating system creates the glass case that rejects the accessibility of data outside its premises. It ensures apps to have one most reliable channel to interact. Furthermore, two-factor authentication rule is applied for IOS apps that adds to the security. Moreover, by utilizing the AS Web Authentication Session is safe to share cookies and web data between safari and an app.

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence together with the brainpower of Apple Inc. continues to bring improvisation in the app development industry. It has provided users with a new way to engage and interact with their devices. The smart core processor- 7-nanometer A12 Bionic having the “Neural Engine” governs task related to machine learning.

Along with this, as the latest IOS 12 steps in the industry, machine learning seems to astound the users with ultra-advance Face ID recognition and customizable Animoji that is known as Memoji to express emotions. With such a powerful technique, devices can perform multiple tasks including a high definition picture quality, proficient camera functionality, photo editing and a speedy interface.

AR/VR and 3D- Rises the Standards of Development

With the touch of superiority in the tech world, the two tech-unicorns of Apple- SceneKit and ARKit 2 are breaking boundaries introducing immersive experiences for users. With the help of IOS 12, the ARKit 2 has introduced a new generation for app development where you can create a piece of AR art that will stay there to be viewed later by a different user. Similarly, the SceneKit- used for 3D graphics designing enhances the simulated environment apps. These two kits will let the app developers develop multiplayer games as well.


IoT Ecosystem

The massive success IoT is enjoying at the moment and a glimpse of its bright future is depicted from the report presented by Statista, which says that over 75 billion devices will connect to IoT by the year 2020.

Considering its broad range of benefits, Apple makes the most out of it as well. It introduced its secured IoT ecosystem known as HomeKit. The kit unlocks uncountable opportunities for app developers by connecting devices via IoT. It allows users to interact operate and control home automation devices. It let them discover accessories to configure them. The best part is that users can group multiple devices together and control them efficiently.

Swift 5

Swift 5

Being ranked among the top programming languages, Swift, since the time of its launch, continues to spread gems of its wonders and brought ease in development along with efficiency in the processes. At present, more than 350,000 apps have been written in this language. Replacing Objective-C, Swift is being used to write IOS and Mac OS apps. Moreover, due to its range of advantages including clean coding, fast speed, reliability, scalability and safety it’s no doubt to see the language making headways in the year 2019.

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