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Home News This Is Samsung’s Long Awaited Foldable Smartphone

This Is Samsung’s Long Awaited Foldable Smartphone

Samsung has been harassing its foldable smartphone for weeks, and now the tech company has unveiled it for the first time today. Samsung calls its foldable tech the Infinity Flex Display, and the phone itself has a tablet-sized screen that can be folded into a phone that fits into a pocket.

The company demonstrated a “disguised” device during its developer’s conference yesterday and dimmed the lights to protect the design elements of the gadget. “There is a device inside here,” said Samsung Vice President Mobile Product Marketing, Justin Denison. “And it is stunning.”

samsung foldable

Denison showed a device that folded out into a tablet and backed up into a candy bar-like form factor. The device includes a cover display that serves as a phone and a main 7.3-inch tablet.

Amazingly, this device will be running three apps simultaneously using a new tech Samsung calls multi-active window. Samsung says it will be able to proceed with mass production of the ‘Infinity Flex Display’ in a matter of months, Denison stated in the unveiling. The company is not saying exactly when we can expect to see more than this concept device.

With the images above you will notice that Google is officially supporting this new device with Android, and it is working closely with Samsung for the launch of this phone next year. Google is also guiding developers to start using existing features that are built into android to support these foldable displays.

However, Samsung is not the only phone maker company working on foldable devices. The likes of Huawei reportedly plans to release a foldable handset next year and also Lenovo, and Xiaomi has even begun work on their foldable device, and LG is already working on flexible OLE displays and TVs that roll up into a box.

samsung foldable

You should also know that Microsoft is not left out as they are working on a multi-screen device, which could be a modern take on the old Courier concept. The Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay earlier revealed that a pocket-able Surface device is “absolutely a baby.” Phone makers that you have never heard of are also in the race of producing tablet-like devices that fold into a phone form factor, so be expected to see a lot more of these devices come 2019.

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