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Top 10 Trendy Mobile Apps for All Business Owners

Whether you are a big shot, small shot, upcoming shot in your industry mobile apps will help you manage your businesses efficiently. Mobile applications are taking businesses to a whole different level; some mobile apps are powerfully designed business tools that will improve your daily business activities, or even organize your ideas.


For you not to get confused by the long list of mobile applications, the list will be divided into four groups; Communication Apps, Email apps, Cloud Computing Apps, and Operations Apps.

Communication Apps

The world is going digital, irrespective of the type of work you door, communication apps is a must-have if you want to stay connected with your prospective customers, old clients, and your staff.


It is one of the oldest and trusted communication applications. It gives you access to interact with team members irrespective of the location. Most employers who use the services of freelancers prefer to communicate via Skype; it is an essential tool in our tech world. Skype is a trusted calling, chatting and video conferencing platform all business owners can use. One of the best parts of this mobile application is, it provides free calls to friends and family.


What’s not to love about this communication app? It is one of the most popular communication apps in the market; secure communications with business partners, it provides targeted channel interaction and sends group messages.

Email Apps

Our list won’t be complete without giving out these two email apps; MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Email marketing apps can give you an excellent return on investment (ROI) it guarantees your money’s worth. Email app is an essential tool for all upcoming businesses who are on a tight budget.


This is another essential tool for entrepreneurs; it provides drag-and-drop email building, it sends messages to your prospective clients, boosts your subscribers, creates eye-catching newsletters, and also automate your email campaigns. You can use this mobile app when it comes to e-commerce integrations like Shopify and Magento.

Campaign Monitor

Just like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor is an excellent email marketing tool that builds your subscriber list, automate your marketing messages and also it creates email templates and integrates with other business software such as GetFeedback and Salesforce.

Cloud Computing Apps

Clouding computing app is essential for business owners who share files, organize ideas, pass information and to stay up to date on your team’s work on a daily basis. One of the advantages of cloud computing apps is it helps people to be on the same page.

For your business to move forward, every team member needs to communicate effectively, and cloud computing apps create the platform for secure communication. Examples of such mobile applications include;


Dropbox Business

It is a mobile computing application that allows you to synchronize your files and folders across other platforms. Its major features include; flexible storage plans, cloud storage of sensitive information, eliminate the risk of lost files.


This is yet another excellent mobile app for all business owners seeking freelancers’ services online. DocuSign enables you to collect signature online or through any mobile device. It is a perfect tool for collecting data from remote employees and clients. It provides rapid app development, powerful integrations with Microsoft, Google and lots more.


Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, comes another amazing mobile app for everyone; business owners and students inclusive. Evernote helps you organize, enhance your notes with attachments, links, audio recordings, tables, checklists and handwritten notes. Get Evernote for more productivity

Operations Apps

If you need help with the daily business operation, mobile operation application is your go-to-guy. Below are two mobile operation apps that can help you automate your process and keep your day organized.


It offers free reader and credit card processing without leaving your office, no need to cash-only when you’ve got square and it certainly allows businesses to take credit card payments through mobile devices with only 2.75%  charges of every transaction; no monthly or start-up fees.


For all business owners looking for a business marketing app, Vivial is here for you to offer both website optimization and local search optimization. It helps you build online branding via local directories, social media, newsletters, and websites.

KoolSpan TrustCall

Here is another excellent app for your smartphone; KoolSpan TrustCall helps you encrypt text messages, phone calls without buying custom devices.


As an entrepreneur, Asana can replace your complex management tool; it is the perfect collaborative information manager, and it is easier user-friendly.

Let your mobile phone do more for you than just making and receiving calls; get the above listed mobile applications and take your business to the next level.

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