Top 5 Upcoming PS4 Titles To Make Your Christmas Holidays Exciting

With the holiday season just around the corner, game developers are all set to introduce their most engaging titles to capture and captivate the audiences. What other way to make the most out of these upcoming holidays than to play the games which you adore and love.

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Gaming used to be considered as a popular hobby among children in particular, but with the advancing era, immersive and engaging games have been developed which interest young and adults alike. No wonder that some of the most popular streamers for these games are actual working professionals belonging to diverse groups and domains.

Let us list down some of the best titles being introduced before the start of the holiday season which will surely keep you entertained and occupied at the same instance.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

There would hardly be a few gamers out there who haven’t heard played or at least heard of the Assassin’s Creed series. Being able to take control of an assassin and participate in changes the course of history itself is always an interesting venture and precisely where this series takes you.

The newest installment being released in October this year will take the players back into ancient Greece where you can choose to be a part of 2 immersive story arcs. Legacy of the Blade introduces the first wielder of the Hidden Blade and the reason why assassins chose to fight from the shadows. The 2nd story arc, which is aimed to launch in spring 2019, will take the players into the mystery of Atlantis and its mythical creatures and other various secrets which the sunken city beholds.

A number of recurring in-game events will also be available to players to increase the playability and involvement from the community. You get the opportunity to wield and decorate your assassins with rare and exotic gear to stand out from the crowd. This will be possible with the help of in-game currency which can be collected by completing various tasks and contracts which will be continuously updated.

There is a lot more happening and we don’t intend to give any more spoilers to the public, so you should gear up and get your assassination faces on as you wait for this spectacle to be launched.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Since the release of its first installment, Red Dead Redemption has amassed a cult following among gamers of all ages. With its wide open world outlaw style gameplay, players got the opportunity to experience how the bandits and outlaws operated before the dawn of the industrial age. Set to release at the end of October this year, the much anticipated second installment is set in the world of the American west in the beginning of the 20th century.

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The story circulates around Arthur Morgan and the Van Der Linde gang as a planned robbery goes wrong resulting in the protagonist having to flee. With a number of bounty hunters and federal authorities continuously on their tail, the gang must survive the west in order to survive and grow. You get to experience increased control over your gang activities and members in this installment. Growing internal conflicts need to be addressed and choices must be made which arc the story in different directions. Each member of your gang has a unique identity and abilities useful in various scenarios spread across the game world.

The incredible graphics, the detailed gun fighting sequences and the interesting story line will leave the players in awe of the game from the very beginning. We don’t intend to give any additional spoilers but will you be amazed? Most definitely yes!

Fallout 76

Fallout 76

The fallout world has long entertained massive audiences with its unique gameplay. In a post-apocalyptic world of nukes and hazards, players must survive and grow and find protection in massive shelters. Outside of vault 76 is an entire world awaiting to be explored by the players. In 2102, 25 years after the bombs have fallen, people emerge from their shelters into a new post-apocalyptic American wastelands and can choose to journey alone or with a group of other individuals. A great added feature in this installment is that every other player in the fallout world will be an actual unique human being.

The newest chapter in the series introduces multiplayer battles and scenarios for added playability. To enjoy the multiplayer at its finest would require a dependable internet connection and your local Xfinity deals offered might be able to help you in that department. Detailed player customization options have been added to alter your avatar in accordance with your taste. You get to choose the role which you will play in the storyline and each story will arc the gameplay in an exciting direction to increase playability.

Like the previous fallout installments, Fallout 76 introduces advanced building and crafting mechanics which lets you alter the world around you. The game has a lot more to offer, and the beta version is afloat on Xbox if you want to take it for a test drive. The official version is set to release in November this year and we are pretty psyched for it. Plus, there is a special pre-order package which lets you get your hands on an actual helmet from the fallout universe. Be sure to check that out on their official site store.

Just Cause 4

If you’re a fan of action-adventure games with a flair for supernatural disasters, just cause is definitely the game for you. The games takes you to Solis, a giant South American world surrounded by disaster, conflict and extreme weather conditions.

The player takes the role of protagonist, Rico Rodriguez as he tries to uncover the mysteries of his past all the while trying to take on a major paramilitary group. Dive freely from the sky and use your wing suit to soar into the skies of Solis.

The iconic extreme weather conditions of the Just Cause series compliment the entire gameplay. You can either become victim to them or use them to your advantage and reign superior. You get to enjoy over a 1000 kilometers of accessible playground as you journey through the lands and discover various wonders and mystical. The Artificial engine of the entire game has been significantly improved as compared to the previous installments.

AI controlled friends and foes alike are much more intelligent and impressive now. The game offers a wide variety of customization for your weapons to improve your arsenal. Scheduled for release in the start of December this year, the mayhem and chaos of Just Cause 4 would definitely be satiating for players of this genre.

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After the massive popularity of LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, Media Molecule is coming up with their newest addition to the sand-box building genre, Dreams. In the game world, players take control of an “imp” which can interact with different objects as well as build new items and characters. Players can openly create and share their created content with the entire community something similar to the dynamics of Minecraft.

The moods on your imps can be altered using the dual-shock controller on your PS4. They are also able to possess various characters, giving you control on them and their various abilities. State of the game world can be altered by the use of various items found in-game. Various levels within the game can be accessed by solving puzzles which open up new doors for the players.

Multiplayer features lets players play and build their dreams together as they interact and build detailed surroundings as per their liking. Scheduled for release at end of this year, the depth and lovability of this game will surely keep gamers hooked for hours and hours.

These are some of the best games being released in the last quarter of 2018 which will keep you entertained during the holiday season. Some other less renowned, yet potentially awesome titles are also coming up so be sure to check the entire list on the official PS4 channel for details.

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