Two Phones That May Change the Future of Phones Display and Cameras

Phones cameras and display have been two of the primary focus when looking for specifications in smartphones. Users are usually driven by passion, with the main objective being capturing their best moments in clear images and to preserve memories.


Today, thegloor looks at two phones that are bringing in different specs to the smartphone world. While some of the features have been confirmed, some are speculations but hey, having them wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Red Hydrogen One, A phone With Holographic Capabilities

The Red Hydrogen One phone is one ambitious project that has been kept under a wrap. The company behind the phone has been in the tech market producing High-End 4K Cameras with Weapon being one of their known devices.

Hydrogen one back view
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With little information available about the phone, we have to rely on information available on Theverge and CNET to describe what the phone.  It has two models, an aluminum model that cost $1195 and titanium model that goes for $1595.

The screen has a 4V mode that allows it to display a better than 3D Image without needing 3D Glasses; unfortunately, there are no pictures of the screen. What we know is that the Android phone has a 5.7-inch screen made with nanotechnology and has a Holographic display.  The phone is expected to have a 4500mAh battery and rumored to run on Snapdragon 835 chipset. It also supports SD Card expansion but no information on RAM and ROM.

The back of the phone has three partitions; Kevlar at the bottom and top, and metal panel at the middle. It has rubber sides for firm grip. It has pins to allow for modular upgrades, something that may benefit the camera.

About the camera, the phone has a dual rear camera (though there are no specifications available for now), but the phone also allows users to attach lens mount for interchangeable lenses to expand capabilities of the phone’s camera.  The company boasts that only their Cinema cameras can outperform the phone’s camera. The cameras allow you to shoot 4Vcontent without any additional modules or support and also save the output in D mode so it can be shared with other devices.

The phone is huge and more massive than iPhone 8 plus, bulky but the company doesn’t really care. The most exciting part is that is the phone is only available on pre-order, and right now the company’s website just stated that they are no longer accepting pre-orders.

The iPhones 2019 Coming With a Third Camera For AR

3 Camera iPhone
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has it that the next set of iPhones are going to come with three cameras, and the third camera is for augmented reality. With three phone models expected, it is going to be huge news for iPhone fanatics. Though the iPhone is not the first phone to feature three cameras (that honor belongs to huawei P20 Pro, neither is it the first phone to feature augmented reality cameras (hello Lenovo Phab 2 and Zenphone AR), Apple does have a knack for perfecting already existing features.

This development if true and perfected can lead to more triple camera smartphones flooding the market and also this could lead to the development of more augmented reality appsRumour also has it that the phone will use OLED display though we wonder how much Samsung will be willing to produce. Well, we all know that with all these new features, the next generations of iPhone will cost more.

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