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You Can Now Upload Images to Instagram From the Instagram Mobile Website

From the inception of the internet service, it has been impossible to upload images to your Instagram handle from Instagram’s mobile website; you could only do so from the dedicated Instagram mobile app on your Android or iOS phones.


Prior to this moment, all you could do on the Instagram website was to view pictures that had already been uploaded by you and people you follow and change some account settings. Well, that has changed now, as the Facebook-owned company has now made it possible to share photos and videos on the platform using its mobile website.

Reports have it that this feature has been in testing mode since the third month (March) of this year, and has finally been rolled out to all users of the platform. All you need is a mobile web browser (present on your Android and iOS smartphones, and even feature phones) and enough data to upload the required image or video.

Instagram mobile website upload

In addition to uploading images and videos through the mobile website, you can now use the Explore tab, allowing you to find posts based on your interests.

Social media platforms have been taking steps to help reduce data usage for users of their platforms in recent times. In the last month alone, Facebook expanded its Facebook Messenger Lite app to 132 countries, and Twitter launched a mobile lite version of its website, called Twitter Lite.

Facebook also has a Lite version of the popular Facebook app, called Facebook Lite. Even Instagram announced an offline mode for its beta Android app just last month, and is expected to roll it out officially on the publicly-available app soon.

According to Instagram, the mobile site is to designed to help people have a fuller experience on Instagram no matter what device or network they are on”. The move is targeted at users of the platform in developing countries with slow internet speeds and high data tariffs.

For now, you can enjoy this functioniality only through mobile web browsers; it can’t be used over desktop browsers yet. Head over to instagram.com to get started.



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