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Using Social Media Marketing Effectively

People today hear about the value of social media marketing over and over again. However, social media marketing isn’t magical. People need to know how to use something like social media marketing effectively.

They have to decide on what they’re selling in advance and what their goals are, and they should be able to proceed from there.

Blogging and Social Media Marketing

Lots of people more or less trade quips on social media. It is possible to get a lot of ‘likes’ this way, and plenty of people will share small posts that they find sufficiently witty. However, people who are trying to make money in this manner will often have to use other strategies as well.

Marketing blog posts on social media can work well. Some people will specifically try to spread around blog posts that contain affiliate links. Blogs that use Google AdSense can still become profitable on that basis alone, although this is more difficult now.

People who specifically use WordPress will often try social media marketing as a way of spreading the word about their blogs. People don’t have to worry about paying for web hosting with WordPress, which is always a benefit. However, people can also approach the matter from the opposite direction.

Some people specifically want to do social media marketing and they want to try to build a following there. People on social media are much more likely to spread around posts that contain links.

They’re also more likely to follow someone who has a lot to offer. People who write entire blog posts and not just quips can build up a following on social media more easily in some cases. People want the opportunity to get a lot out of social media and the people who they follow.

For some people, a Twitter feed and a WordPress blog with good SEO can both function as money makers. The Twitter feed is not a means to an end and the WordPress blog isn’t either. They’re both part of the same following and the same enterprise. Blogging and social media can go together.

Multiple Accounts

People never know whether or not they should use multiple social media accounts or one. There are so many social media websites out there today that it is certainly tempting to try to have an account with each and every social media website there.

However, having several different social media accounts means that it is automatically going to be more difficult to devote enough attention to any individual account.

There are some industrious people who might be able to manage several different social media accounts at once. However, few people are ever going to be able to do that no matter how hard they work.

Even those who do it will not necessarily get the results that they want in the first place, which makes the entire process painfully unrewarding.

People usually don’t maintain multiple WordPress accounts or blogs. People usually see the wisdom in being able to focus on a particular blog at a particular time and not going through the process of trying to maintain several different sets of posts and comments all at once. Social media feeds are actually even worse in this regard.

The number of posts that people will have to write in a day in order to get noticed can be somewhat dizzying. People will also have to more or less nurture the social media following that they have. Otherwise, they will be in a situation where their followers will leave and they will be left with nothing quickly enough.

Managing a social media account is a tall enough order that a lot of people are better off just trying to maintain a single social media feed and a single WordPress account. It makes much more sense to do this. Most people will get better results this way, even if it takes a long time to get anywhere one way or another.


Social media marketing is very time consuming and difficult. As effective and powerful as it can be, it’s not a quick fix to anything.

However, the people who adopt a more streamlined approach and who make their social media accounts work with their blogs will tend to have some of the best possible results.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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