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Website Designing Trends You Should Ignore in 2019

The year 2018 has been an incredible year for web design since there has been a lot of developments regarding technology. Consequently, it has assisted business owners to create a bond with new users since web designers now have exciting opportunities to push their boundaries and thus focus more on documentation.

In the field of web design, there have been several advancements taking place, and it is critical to look at the existing web designing trends which will continue to flourish, as well as the new ones expected to come up in 2019.

#1. Flat Design

It is a minimalistic design method that features using of spotless open space while also combining 2D illustrations and bright colours. This trend has gone to become a standard feature for web design due to users wanting to experience websites that load faster hence improving their overall browsing on both the desktop and mobile. Subsequently, it will result in the increased popularity of the flat design in 2019.

#2. Animated GIFs

It is a trend that has arisen in a bid to capture the user’s attention with the GIFs assisting users to convey complicated ideas within a short period. Moreover, GIFs are also very enjoyable and engaging, plus works on a majority of mobile gadgets and browsers.

#3. White Space

Websites nowadays come with the integration of simpler layouts and big amounts of white space, with the white space or negative space being empty space on the web page.

Usually, for the page elements, this you might consider being the breathing room. The use of white space to distinguish different sections of your pages enables users to digest vital information as well as helps in boosting readability.

#4. Asymmetrical Layouts & Broken Grid

Web design over the past few years has been paying lots of attention to designing within a fixed grid, with the grid system letting the designers preserve consistency and alignment through a design.

Additionally, designers are now enabled to bring the design back to life, become more imaginative with their work and creating a new innovative level of hierarchy on every page they wish.

It is beneficial in guiding the user’s eyes down a page and assisting them to get to the actionable parts of a site while still guaranteeing an exclusive and fascinating layout.

#5. Organic Shapes

Shapes which are irregular and uneven are organic, with this being the perfect way to describe something which is flawed, looks more human and hand-drawn.

Additionally, its weird appearance easily grabs the attention of users, and with these shapes, you can add to your site a personable touch.

A mixture of organic shapes and illustration or image can add to your site a remarkable level of depth, with this being vital in breaking the monotony of circles and squares frequently used in the design.

#6. Website Accessibility

If you are new to accessibility, the movement is for persons with disabilities, something you should not ignore in 2019, with it being all about using appropriate coding and designing of the site to assist individuals with disabilities to make of use of them.

Majority of websites have accessibility barriers which make it quite difficult for persons with disabilities to use them. However, with the WCAG 2.

(Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) becoming a requirement, it will be vital to check your website is in line with the accessibility rules.

Therefore, the designing trends you should watch out for in 2019 are all discussed here and moving with the trends will assist you provide your clients with the best services. Expert website designers will consider this web designing trends as they approach the year 2019.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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