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What Can Nigerians Learn From US Entrepreneurs?

Nigerians can indeed learn a lot from the US, apart from the culture, the fashion sense, the lifestyle, to name a few. Nigerians, especially the youth can emulate some of the “business styles” of the US entrepreneurs.

One striking thing about the United States that keeps them at the brim of success is the mindset; over there, they stick to their guns- no matter what happens, they do things strictly as planned. This is what they learned from the generation before them, and what they aim to teach the upcoming ones.

They always stay by their plans; nonetheless, everyone knows change is constant. Therefore, if they need to change their plans instantly, they rely on their team to make quick, but brilliant decisions.

The following attitude of an average US entrepreneur should be put into considerations, as a Nigerian, who wants to make a wave in the entrepreneurial world.

They select the Best candidates

Unfortunately, the best candidate for any position in Nigeria means the person with the highest “connections.” often does not mean the best person for the job; this practice has eaten deep into the system.

Whenever they appoint any worker, they assess each and everyone correctly concerning all kinds of requirements they need for their company and keep the ones, which are in line with their work. The success of failure of any business lies in the workforce of the company- the US entrepreneurs know this, that is why they take their recruitment seriously.

As a Nigerian, you need to understand that your employees are the ones who do all the in the organization, which means they need to be the ones who can offer their best potential at work. The US entrepreneur gives particular attention while employing the best candidates for their company.

A game of fairness

You have to drop the bias attitude if you must stay ahead in business. These people (US Entrepreneurs) are fair by all means; they are not biased because they know the significance of hiring the best potential; proper staffing implies a successful business.

If you must make profits, and achieve excellence, then you have to surround yourself with the best suitable workforce than hiring some “over connected” and unsuitable persons.

Effective planning

A wise man once said, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Most Nigerians believe in the “Now,” everything income gotten from the day’s job needs to spend “now.” If we all can get rid of this mentality and plan for the future, tomorrow will be more kind to us.

The planning done by the US entrepreneurs of the work event, investments, management, priorities and all other decisions are carefully thought-out plans.

They employ highly trained staff for the critical tasks because they want the best outcome in every situation. Effective planning is the step, which needs extra attention to everything that happens in the now as well as in the future. Your success depends on this essential step.

Focus on Motivating your workers

Be the source of motivation to your employees; if you look carefully into the business world of the US, you will notice that the leaders motivate the workers. Until you start seeing your employees as part of your team, instead of people under your payroll, they will not give you their best.

For instance, if the company is at a loss, the heads of the company should look for what went wrong together, instead of pointing fingers.

Motivations should come only in the ‘good times.’ Successful US entrepreneurs inspire their employees to be the best wherever they find themselves; they make the workers understand the power of teamwork, and how it affects their lives in all ramifications. The company grows faster when the workforce is motivated.


Successful US companies focus on prioritizing on the feasible and profitable areas of the business. It is essential as well as helpful for an enterprise to keep an unbending list of priorities and work in line with it.

The list is strictly implemented immediately the list is ready. Preferences help the companies in several situations; it allows the company to thrive with or without the presence of the head employer; all that the staffs need is to follow the lay down rules (priorities) strictly. Preferences help the company to make favorable decisions faster without much hassle.

Take strict actions

Just as in the case of prioritizing, every successful entrepreneur is “guilty” of this action; taking strict measures, even when the odds may seem against them. You need to take severe actions; you call the shot when the need arises.

The US Entrepreneurs understand this rule; they know the success of the company depends on it. It helps the company to grow more and in a short amount of time.


There is something about the word “BOSS” that intoxicates… people get carried away with the title, and they forget it is more difficult to remain at the top than climbing to the top. Successful entrepreneurs study, they learn how to make the company grow beyond the current stage.

Once a leader is not always a leader, new ideas are coming every day, you just have to keep learning, or else your company may be outdated.

Attend seminars, get materials, and keep learning new things that will improve your company. Furthermore, encourage your staff to learn new tips and tricks that can enhance the company.

These rules will not be possible if you hire the best people with the highest connections if you must learn something from the US entrepreneurs, surround yourself with people who merit the positions by their hard or smart work and not by the number of people in high places, they know. A highly trained employee knows what to do to move the company forward.

Joy Ebarefeye
Joy is a creative writer who loves to decode boring information and transform them into the simplest, but innovative ideas for positive impact. She provides practical tips on how to solve life's challenges. Joy is also a full-stack developer who designs and develops beautiful and responsive websites.


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