WhatsApp Sets New Limit for Forwarded Messages in India to Avoid Fake News

Recently, there have been many cases of provocative and fake news spreading across the online messaging app WhatsApp. The government of India has decided to go hard on the instant-messaging platform. On Wednesday WhatsApp claims that its company has started rolling out limits on its message forwarding feature, the limit has been set to five chats for over 200 million users in India.


This crucial step was taken to avoid spreading fake news and provoking people against each other.

Last month, the Facebook-owned platform announced that there would be launching a test to limit message forwarding to five chats in a country.

“The feature has started appearing for users in India currently on the latest version of WhatsApp,” Economic Times quotes the WhatsApp as saying.


Earlier a video was also published by WhatsApp to explain how to spot fake news. This video was also released to educate people about spotting false news and hoaxes.

“This week, a new video published by WhatsApp explains how important the ‘forward’ label is and also calls users to ‘double check’ the facts when you are not sure who created the original message,” Economic Times quoted the company.

So far, the Indian government is yet to give a go-ahead signal to the WhatsApp payment service. The Facebook-owned platform is currently waiting for a positive response from the Indian government so that it can roll out the service for its Indian users. WhatsApp payment service which has been going through testing has finally completed the testing phase.


The Indian government want WhatsApp to focus more on curbing the fake news citing numerous lynching incidents happening across India. The instant messaging app has also added the forwarded tag for the viral messages for the transparency of the message’s source.

This might be a new move by the tech giant to impress the Indian government so that its payment services will be given the green signal. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what else the instant messaging app will do to get the desired green signal from the Indian government for WhatsApp payment service.