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Which Onsite SEO Techniques will work the best in 2016?

Search engine optimization is absolutely the most important element of online marketing. SEO is something each Web developer, Web master and website owner knows about less or more, but there are much misunderstandings about how the whole thing works.

Even today, you will be able to find websites which try to utilize some of black-hat SEO techniques which are not allowed by Google policies.

Note that Google frequently updates its SEO algorithm, and many old techniques have been left in favor of some new ones which emphasize content quality and relevance.

Keywords are still important, but…

Keywords are of course one of basic things about SEO, since people have to input text when performing online search of any kind, but now the notion of “keyword” has a much broader meaning.

Not only that Google can value synonyms and short descriptions of meaning for each keyword, but now it also values complementary terms and relevance of the entire information provided on the site.

Mobile-ready websites

The current trend in the constant development of the Internet is enabling all services to be easily accessible from different mobile devices. There are many models of phones, tablets and similar devices with various screen sizes, resolutions and aspect ratios.

As of 2016, Google algorithms are able to detect responsively designed web pages and give them higher ranking.

Note that most content management templates (e.g. WordPress themes) now feature responsive design, so with these anyone can have a mobile-compliant website without much knowledge in web programming.

Quality accompanied by quantity

The once “gold standard” of 500 word articles, which equals one average page of a book, has been recognized by search engine algorithms until 2014, a point when Google SEO experts decided to give priority to articles of 1000 to 1500 words in length.

Length by itself is not enough, so you can fill up that requirement with some relevant information. This all complies with the new keyword strategy which requires you to be more descriptive about things defined by target keywords.

Attract People and Let them Return

One of key strategies to improve search rankings is to convince search engines that your site is highly relevant. This is reached by attracting people to your website and letting them stay there thanks to high quality of content you can offer.

Google tracks people’s online behavior. If you have issues attracting first-time visitors to your website, you should invest in a campaign using Google ads or Facebook page promotion.

The better the content, the more fruitful your campaign will be. And quality of content, your frequency of updates, with considerable amounts of multimedia will let people return. From then on, your website will be classified as highly relevant and will get a huge boost in search engine rankings.

High quality of multimedia

Technology goes forward every day. People now have broadband access always with them using their high end mobile devices. People want to see high quality photos, videos and animation.

They want to see your ability to organize multimedia content well, and to have good captions and descriptions of every video and image you have on your website. Current SEO algorithms are instructed to value that and to recognize things such as image and video resolution.

Make it social

Social networks have become so widespread and omnipotent that even businesses are not going to resist them. Maintain a Facebook Page for your website, make it a profile on Twitter and Instagram, run a YouTube channel to upload videos.

Use social plugins on all pages of your website, to allow visitors better interact with your social network content. Besides better SEO outlook, this may bring you additional visitors who may come as friends of your followers on social networks.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster



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