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Why Automated Identity Verification Is What Your Business Needs?

Have you heard of automated identity verification? Apart from providing the necessary services, the primary goal of any small business and company is to keep the personal data of their clients safe.

It doesn’t matter how excellent the service you’re rendering is, or how great your business itself is, there is no way you can attract new clients or customers if you do not guarantee that your personal information will be kept safe.

There are different methods used by companies to secure their data and also verify the identities of their customers. One of the most popular ways that businesses use is identity authentication.

As the name implies, identity authentication is a simple process of confirming that a person’s identity is the same thing as what is on the document of identity that was provided.

The reason why automated identity authentication is vital is that it is a simple way for companies to prevent the leakage of data and cases of fraud. Every company must have a department of highly trained professionals whose duty will be to verify customers identity.

In case anybody tries to commit fraud by pretending to be someone else, the company will be able to confirm that they are not who they claim to be using the security system to track them down and stop them. A lot of people think that paper documentation is a lot better than the digital version. However, this is a wrong idea.

The first remains that anybody id card can be used by any other person who has an experienced in committing fraud and they don’t have to bother about getting caught. However, if you use digital documentation, you can rest assured that your data will be safer as companies used ID algorithms to verify an individual’s identity.

The primary advantage of electronic identity authentication is the availability and speed of the system. It is essential that companies make use of a system that is both reliable and secure, but at the same time, they must endeavour to use a system that will help them identify a client quickly and also verify the identity of our client.

Another wonderful feature of automated identity verification is the fact that all the work is done automatically using the system, so no human power is required at all. These systems are carefully built to ensure that they do the job efficiently and reduce the chances of error to as little as 0.1%.

The order should always be checked from time to time by technical experts to ensure that everything is working properly and an upgrade that needs to be done is done in time.

The technicians are also required to add more questions about the client to the application so that whenever new clients come they will be prompted to answer those questions and provide more information about themselves.

With the introduction of new questions in that gathering enough data from clients and customers, the process of verification using the automated identity authentication system will be faster and easier.

There is also a method known as the KYC automation, and banks and several other financial institutions usually use this.

KYC is an abbreviation for “know your customers”. The KYC process is a prevalent one and is very easy to use as it allows the companies to verify the identity of their clients by using reliable information and documents that the clients provide.

The reason why the KYC process is very famous is that it is straightforward to engage in and it saves a lot of time. The know your customer system was designed in such a way that it works on his own and it can verify a customer’s identity by simply analysing the data that has been made available. Because this process is an automated one it does not require the interference of any human.

The part where the help of a human is not needed for the KYC automation process is what makes it perfect for companies because they do not require to hire extra staff to help with gathering and analysing of customer data.

This allows the company to save money automatically and still get the job done. Instead of a company hiring more stuff to help with the collection on analysis of customer data they can employ them for more serious and important matters within the business that wage increase the overall productivity as well as increase profits.

Finally, if you want your business to grow and you want to make sure that your customer’s details are kept safe, then you should consider investing in automatic identity authentication.

No doubt, verifying people’s identity one by one in person can be exhausting and time-consuming. And for this reason, you cannot be sure to provide 100% security when it comes to your customer’s data.

The most secure option you can decide to adopt is automated id verification method, and this explains why nowadays businesses banks and other financial companies have decided to opt for this way when it comes to authenticating their client’s identity.

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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ella Romena is a content writer, sociologist and Anthropologist who lives in Benin-city.


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