Why Smart Rings Will Be Your Favourite Piece of Jewelry?

Wearable technology has been gaining momentum for a while and with smart jewellery taking the front stage, it is now in full swing. If you are tired of using your fitness bands and smart watches and are looking out for something new, then start rings might just be the dream wearable that you are looking out for!

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Why smart rings?

Why not? They are light, more affordable, keeps you connected and moreover, you can wear it all day long without being even slightly irked by the ring on your finger.

Most of them are subtle in their designs and give you details regarding the steps you covered, the distance travelled, minutes you were active for and even keep a track of your heartbeat. These are the functions that most of them offer. The market also has rings that will record your sleep statistics and notify you when you receive important notifications on your phone.

Features of a smart ring

Here is a look at what you can expect from a smart ring. They don’t just look good but do a whole lot more.

Different functions:

As mentioned earlier, there are a myriad of benefits of getting a smart ring. Details regarding your fitness, sleeping patterns and even important messages can now be delivered to you through the smart rings.

Different finishes:

There are different kinds of rings designed to meet different tastes of the wearers. While Ringly has come out with more eye-catchy rings for those who love attention, Motiv has a subtle one for the ones who love simplicity. The rings are also available in different colours of rose gold and slate grey.

Enhances your look:

The good designs obviously enhance your overall look, especially if you love jewellery and technology. With the designs, overall weight and feel, these rings look good on the finger, and are light on your wallet. While some might give a light buzz on your sensitive fingers, others will light up.

Bluetooth connectivity:

The ring connects to your iOS and Android devices through Bluetooth and that is how you keep a track of all the details which is displayed on the screen of your device and also get notified about important calls, emails and messages.

Battery life:

The battery life also varies depending on the brand you choose and the price you pay, but on an average, the battery life should last from around three to move days. So charge it, put it on, and forget about it as it monitors your fitness levels and other details.

How does a smart ring work?

Many wonder how smart rings work and how is that tiny device getting all the features that it promises. Your fingers have delicate arteries weaving through them and by sitting out there, it can easily trace all the details. Since it is connected to your smartphone, all the information is synced easily for you to analyze and make the necessary changes to start living a better life.

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Just wear it and go about your day. Some of them are even waterproof, so you don’t have to take them off when washing the dishes or doing other light chores. Smart rings are making the best use of technology and delivering features never even imagined before! After all, they are smart, right?!

Pros of getting a smart ring

So why would you want to spend your money on one? Here is a look at what works for these smart rings.

Spend more time with family:

This is perhaps the most important feature. While the phone is buzzing after every few minutes, it is easy to get lost in the notifications most of which are unimportant. So smart rings have setting options that will buzz or light up only when important notifications arrive on your phone. So now, everything else can wait as you enjoy uninterrupted personal time with your friends and family members.

A smart jewellery:

While the hype of smart rings will definitely get to you, it is easy to forget that apart from the mesmerizing features, at the end of the day, it will look sleek and nice on those delicate fingers of yours. Wear one and with the different testing sizes available, you will surely find your best fit.

Easy on the pocket:

Of course, the prices escalate with the different functions, but if you want to start out with the most basic option, let us tell you, you will find it to be quite reasonably priced.

Bottom Line:

With several big players in market like Motiv, Helios, NFC and Kerv in the market, the features will be innumerable, depending on your budget and needs. Why bother with big bulky technological devices, when something as light and fancy as a finger ring can do the same thing?! Forget the trouble of wearing bulky devices that keep bothering you and banging against the table when you write. Smart rings are generating a storm in the market and everyone seems to be loving it.

Granted it cannot replace your laptops and smartphones but it sure as hell can make your life easier than it probably is. Oh wait, with ORII rings that allow you to receive calls as well, that might be possible too!

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