Why You Need Free Online Games?

As a child, there was nothing I loved more than playing video games it was a very strange one for a girl child, but my parents let me enjoy that and even as an adult it remains one thing I can’t outgrow. I have also come to realise that I am not the only adult who likes video games.


From old classic games like Super Mario and Tetris to the new games that have us on our toes like grand theft auto and call of duty game lovers can’t seem to get enough of the fun and adrenaline pump.

There are different types of video games, and each of these games offers a unique and different experience to the individuals playing them. The same way people prefer some specific journeys of movies compared to other people also has specific journeys of games that they find interesting compared to others.

I have also come to notice that there are people who confused video games as thinks that can be potentially harmful to not only adults but children who play them.

This assumption is entirely far from right, and in this article, I would be revealing all the interesting facts you need to know about video games and what they serve for.

What are video games?

Video games are not demonic as some people have tried to paint them to be they are simply a complex combination of programming and designs. Saying they are just a basic combination of programming + design is describing the random two-dimensional games that we are used to.

For more complicated games like the call to duty and other new titles, they are a combination of a lot more things. The new stores that are included in these games include animation acting voice acting and other special effects designs.

Video games were created to help people take their mind off the real world and get a chance to enjoy some time in an imaginary one it is sad that some people have been found blaming these games for being the cause of negative thoughts and violence.

Just like with books and movies you can learn a lot from video games, and they also send you good messages, so there is absolutely no reason to believe the lies that they are responsible for violence and negative behaviour.

You can’t blame a person for creating a game that has a fighting scene simply because your child got into a small fight at school.


If your child is known to always engage in fighting activities, then you need to understand it is not as a result of the game but a complete case of bad parenting. The reason I stand on this part of the divide is that there are lots of children who play these games and are still responsible and avoid conflict as much as they can.

Another reason why video games are more of a blessing and less of a curse is that there are countless of them that were created to help people struggling with depression anxiety and several other problems. Video games were designed to help people relax and also have a good time while relaxing.

Why you should buy a video game?

Let’s be realistic video games are quite a luxury. We will not deny the fact that not everyone will be able to bring out so much money just to get a video game when there are other bills to be paid.

Even so, the inventors of video games are not all stingy and self-centred people that is why a couple of them decided to create free online games websites where anyone can enjoy amazing content without having to spend a dime.

The video game industry is one that is growing larger and larger every single day and from what is obtainable now it is believed that this industry will support the movie industry in a couple of years.

One of the ways you can show video game developers that you appreciate them and the service they are rendering to the public is by purchasing these games.

If you’re not one of those people who enjoy playing video games like myself, I would encourage you to try a couple of them and see if you find one interesting. Video games come in all sizes and shapes.

You can find categories such as arcade, simulators, role-playing games, first-person shooter, real-time strategies, horror games, telltale games, adventure games, and many other interesting categories that just might suit your personality.

From all the categories I have mentioned above, you can see that there is only a little difference between games and movies and even songs because you have options to choose from.

From what I have said so far you already know that it is not all the time you have to pay for your games you can get as many as possible online to play and enjoy yourself with.


A lot of people assume that whenever you are giving free access to content, then something has to be wrong with the content or maybe it’s will not be as upgraded as those that you buy from the store.

Well, when it comes to video games there is no such thing as lousy content; it all boils down to what you want from the video game you are playing and trust me you can get everything you want from the content made available online for free.

There are times you may find the demo for a game online, and after checking it out you would like it but because you can’t get complete access to the game you can’t play it as much as you want.

If you find yourself in such a situation, the only thing that you have to do is to support the developer by purchasing the full product so that you can get unlimited access to that amazing content.

As you can already deduce from this piece of writing there are lots of physical and mental benefits to be derived from playing video games. So why not take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy your relaxation time in style?

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