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Home Marketing Why Your Blog Really Needs a Custom Logo?

Why Your Blog Really Needs a Custom Logo?

It is necessary because it is the flag for your Blog brand. It is your ambassador for your blog. It tells the world that you are great and that you have added your mark to your blog. It is your badge of honor.

Asking why it is necessary to have a custom logo on your blog is like asking why an elephant has back legs. Can you imagine the mess if it did not?

If you do not want to land yourself in a steak of elephant leavings, then you need to get yourself a custom logo for your blog–before you fade out of memory; like Florida’s votes on November the 7th in the year 2000. Why Your Blog Really Needs a Custom Logo?

Branded like a Texas bull

A brand and a logo goes together like Bill Clinton and his interns. If you have one then you need to have the other. If your blog is not branded then what are people supposed to expect when they visit you each week?

What are they going to get? What is your blog about? What are your principals and beliefs? Your brand answers all of these questions.

A logo as a symbol of your brand

My blog is not a can of soda! A brand is what you build, and lets people know what you stand for. A logo is something that your brand can sit behind. It becomes a symbol for your blog, for you and for your brand.

It is a little like a stamp of your approval and your quality. Instead of re-explaining your beliefs, what you are about, etc, you show your logo, and it will “stand” for all the things your brand is about.

People associate your brand with the logo, so that when they see the logo they know what they are getting, without having to see your blog name, the author’s name, or the domain name.

A logo instead of thousand words

People can simply read my name, my blog name or my domain name. Why would I need a logo to represent my blog when they can read a snippet and know its me and my blog?

People are not lazy, and people do like reading, but people will avoid reading if they can do. A logo lets them know who is talking to them, what they stand for, and what they are all about. A logo lets the user know all these things with one quick visual glance (no reading).

Couldn’t I just copy someone else’s? Copying is wrong because it is stealing, and stealing is never okay (unless you are downloading DVDs to avoid that stupid anti-piracy warning at the beginning).

But there is more to copying people’s logos than the cool crime of theft. If you copy another logo then you are linking your brand with the other people who are using that logo.

That means that if they make a few Internet snafus and get a bad reputation then it will look bad on you. Moreover, if the other people using the logo find out that you are copying their logo then they may retaliate.

Forget about old and unused logos!

Let us assume that you can guarantee that the logo is not protected by a copyright, and no longer in use. You must understand that if you are putting all of this work into building a brand that your logo needs to be in line with your brands principals and beliefs.

You need a logo that represents the things that make your brand unique. For example a logo with bubbles on may not suit a blog about motorcycles.

The logo needs to suit your blog

You need a custom logo that is in line with what your brand stands for. In other words, you logo needs to suits your blog and its topics. How else would you achieve this without some form of customization?

Is it required or necessary?

It is neither. It all depends upon what you want for your blog. If you want people to recognize your blog and its author or its beliefs then you are going to have to create a brand that stands for your blog.

If you are going to create a brand then you do not need a logo, but it makes recognizing your brand a lot easier. This is why so many people use logos. At the end of the day, the decision is yours (unless you live in Florida in the year 2000).


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