Windows 10 Updates Will No Longer Get Forced On Users

For the most part, Windows 10 is a vast improvement over earlier versions. It’s fast, stable and it also works with most hardware. One area that has not been so great is forcing major updates on its users. Though it’s insane, all of that is changing, starting with the May 2019 Update, users will now be able to choose when and how they want the major updates to be installed.

That should mean a decline in the number of systems that are affected by severe issues; you can recall the April 2018 Update that put some systems into Blue Screen of Death loops or like the October 2018 Update that deleted user files.

Moving forward, Microsoft will pop up notifications alerting that an upgrade is available and it’s endorsed based on their understanding of your system and others who may have already installed it in their machine. That is similar to how it works now, with one crucial difference. The tech giants won’t automatically initiate the upgrade process anymore. That is up to the user to decide if, when and how they want the upgrade to be released to their machine.

All customers will now be able to explicitly choose if they want to update their device whenever they check for updates or whether they decide to pause the updates for up to 35 days

The company will also make different ways available for upgrading Windows 10. This will include a ‘Download and install now’ option instantly upgrade to the next feature update if your device specs have no known capability issues.

Image: Microsoft

Although you will still be able to check for updates the same way you used to, with improvements to the ‘Active Hours’ feature so upgrades that would be needing reboots will happen only when you are not using your PC. That is also the case for ‘Improved update orchestration,’ which will coordinate Windows and Microsoft Store updates to take place even when you are not working with your keyboard.

The new feature will start rolling out for those in the Windows Insider Program, or check back by May 19 if you prefer to stay on schedule with the standard release.

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