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wp_is (15); WordPress 15th Anniversary

Local communities and people who use the WordPress platform all over the globe are invited to the WordPress 15th Anniversary that will take place in different parts. Just as it was in the tenth anniversary, the 15th anniversary is bound to bring people together and share the WordPress cake.

The event, which will take place in most of the major cities across the globe, is scheduled for the weekend of May 27 and everyone is invited. This article takes you through what is expected on that day and we will provide you with a bribe history of WordPress as well.

About the Event

The event will use the #wp15 hashtag to reach out to the people on various social media platforms. There will also be a map of WordPress celebrations and listed in the events widgets as well. However, the events will need to have been added on meetup.com within the stipulated times.

What Makes the WordPress 15th Anniversary Special?

This year’s anniversary celebrations are bound to be world class with special swag included. The team organizing the event will be sending special WordPress 15th anniversary swag-sticker sheets and biodegradable party balloons with the WordPress logo to all the venues that will be hosting this event. The balloons and swag sticker sheets will also include colors representing the WordPress platform.

After you have scheduled your event, simply fill the form available on the handbook page then order your shipment of the swag pack (stickers and balloons). You can also find more information on the page that the official WordPress Anniversary has created. Here, you will find ideas on party decorations and logo files that will make you feel closer to the event regardless of your geographical location.

Given that shipment of products internationally is not always reliable, people who have trouble receiving emails outside the US are advised to make early preparations. The WordPress 15th anniversary team will take 3 rounds to ship swags all over the world. To avoid money wastage in shipping swags that may not arrive at your destination, the deadline for shipment is April 27.

How to get involved?

You can join the WordPress fans in celebrating the 15th WordPress anniversary by creating your own event. Take the steps below to join the fun:

  1. To check if there is an already planned party for you, visit the official WordPress 15th Anniversary Website. If you find one, go on to RSVP for the party and inform your friends as well.
  2. However, if there is none, pick a place where you and your friends can go and have fun. This can be anything ranging from a pub to a backyard and park. Simply find any location that is family friendly and you are good to go.
  3. Proceed to list your party with your Local WordPress Meetup Group and then advertise your event. If you do not have this group yet, you can create one so no problem.
  4. Visit the official WordPress 15th Anniversary website and request some special swag that will be shipped to your location after filling out the handbook.
  5. Ask the people who will attend your party to post photos and videos using the hashtag #wp15 on the various social media platforms.

Brief History of WordPress

As you continue to prepare for the big day, it is important to take into account the brief history of this platform. WordPress came into place out of a desire for an elegant and well-designed publishing system. The system is built on PHP and MySQL and has its license under the GPL. Michael Valdrighi launched it in 2001 before Matt Mullenweg and Mike little created the actual WordPress. Since then, the platform has grown into one of the biggest publishing platforms. As WordPress celebrates its 15th anniversary, publishers all over the world are going to come together to celebrate the wonderful services that this platform has to offer.


WordPress is a publishing platform giving people the opportunity to express themselves through writing all over the world. On the weekend of May 27, WordPress will be celebrating its 15th anniversary and it’s inviting you to be part of them regardless of your geographical location. Use the hashtag #wp15 when posting your videos and pictures from the event that you are attending on social media. Let the fun begin!

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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