Xiaomi Also Teases Under-display Camera

Earlier today Oppo showcased an under-display camera that is invisible when the screen is working, and apparently Xiaomi is also working on the technology.

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The Mi company posted on its social media channels that it found a solution to make the front camera “disappear” that will likely end the trend of notches and elevating cameras.

According to Xiaomi, the company patented a way to make the display transparent without reflecting light in any way when the screen is completely black and the diodes are off. The company says it can implement a proper 20 MP selfie shooter with 5P lens under the panel, but the OLED itself also acts as a plastic layer.

It is said to bring better viewing experience than the LCD solution that has a set of pixels constantly turned off, like in the Honor 20 phones or а bunch of Samsung Galaxy midrangers.

While Xiaomi is not revealing any launch dates of a smartphone with the tech, we expect it to hit the next Mi Mix, a series which is famous with its huge displays and innovative techs – after all the last Mi Mix 3 was among the first sliders and one of the pioneers of the 5G revolution in Europe.


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